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Faster and more agile than ever before, Black Ops 3's super soldiers can run along walls, jump, boost, swim, vault and slide through maps without breaking stride or sweat. Need help mastering the new moves and abilities? These tips will turn you into a stone cold killer in no time.

1. Put away that itchy trigger finger, start off in Freerun

Whoa there partner. You probably can't wait to jump into a map and start shooting everything that moves, but you'd be better served checking out Freerun first and mastering your new skills.
Freerun teaches you how to chain together different moves - running, sliding, swimming etc - before challenging you to bag the best time on an obstacle course. You'll be glad you did it when you win your first wall-run duel.

2. Mastered stealth moves? Let's use them

Once you've got the moves down, look for opportunities to use them to your advantage in the maps - either as a way to get the jump on your opponent, or to avoid getting killed. 
Don't be a sitting duck for those snipers by casually running out into an open courtyard, try wall running around the side instead. See that second floor window? Forget the stairs, jump up and surprise whoever's waiting inside. Oh, if you do accidentally walk off the edge of the map, just double jump backwards to avoid death and spare yourself any blushes.

3. Choose your Specialist and skills wisely

The generic soldiers of past Call of Duty games are out, replaced by a new breed of charismatic Specialist soldiers with a variety of unique abilities. Choosing your Specialist is key to victory, and if you're new to the game, we'd recommend Battery, whose Kinetic Armour will deflect body shots.
Outrider's Vision Pulse, which reveals enemy locations within range, is a decent ability if you're a slightly slower and more methodical player, while Ruin's speed up ability and Prophet's Glitch - which takes you back to a previous location - are handy for escaping hairy situations.

4. Learn the art of killing in Team Deathmatch

You're not likely to get many kills if you're scratching your head trying to figure out the rules, so forget Uplink or Safeguard for the time being, master the art of killing by jumping into a Team Deathmatch or two.
It's a kill or be killed experience where the only objective is to rack up the most points, which makes it ideal for learning the maps and trying out those new skills. You'll certainly want to avoid something like Search & Destroy, where there are no respawns and no chance to build any momentum.

5. Move, move, move!

Speak to any Call of Duty pro and they'll tell you that it's important to hit and run, not only
 to rack up more kills, but to avoid giving away your position on the map. This is especially
 important in Black Ops 3, where the new movement system means that enemy soldiers 
can literally drop in from anywhere.
If you think about maps as having two or three tiers, then try moving upwards and
 downwards from area to area. Moving around will make you harder to kill, and coming in
 from different levels will surprise other players.

Black Ops 3 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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