how to earn money from facebook page

It’s not difficult and Facebook Page Creator leads you through the whole process. For us, users who want to earn money with Facebook Page, 5 factors will be important in order to create a page that will help you boost your monthly income.
  1. Choosing the category of your Page. Depending on what you decide to publish: business advices, funny viral videos, exciting photos or stories, etc. you have to categorize your Page. There are 6 categories, so think what kind of content you’d like to post and decide which one of these categories it matches the most.
  2. Filling in the “About” section. You can present yourself to the community, you can promote your site and prepare your visitors for the kind of content they can expect if they give your Page ”Like”. It doesn’t have to be a long description. It’s best when you choose to write only 2 or 3 sentences.
  3. Choosing Profile Picture. When you upload your profile picture think of it as sort of prominent symbol of your Page. It can’t be accidental, make sure when people look at your profile picture, they’ll know what the Page is about.
  4. Publishing the content: start to populate your Page with the content before you invite anyone. Make sure that people who visit your Page will see something interesting. It will encourage them to give your Page “Like” and wait for more worth-to-see posts and pictures
  5. .Cover Photo: use the cover photo to attract visitors to your page. If you want to create something extra, try Canva, it will help you to make great, customized cover photo, colorful graphics for the post and much more, all in dimensions ready-to-use on Facebook.

What subject matter should my Facebook Page have?

While picking the niche remember that it doesn’t have to be unique, but it should be precise enough. That way, it will be clear to the casual visitor. Maybe you’ll create a Page for dog lovers, travellers or just a funny site?
Consider to create a Page which will reflect your hobby. If you’re interested in Manga, fast cars or cats yourself, chances you can be expert on this field are high. Use your knowledge, observe yourself as a recipient of the content you’ll post and try to find the best one.

“Now, show me how can I earn!”

You can earn money by join , and (share links). With you can monetize links you publish! You can even set up the token on your account to make it automatically. Read our article about how to earn money with to know more!
You can shorten links manually and post them on your Page, you can use Mass Shrinker which allows you to shorten up to 20 links at a time. If the content is interesting enough, people will want to click it. While posting a link, don’t forget to add your comment to it. It’s always a good opportunity to create discussion below the post.

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