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Quantum Break is one of the games we are really looking forward to play and it will be released on April 5th, next year. The game’s presentation is mindblowing and the premises tell us that it will have not only a good story, but even an more amazing gameplay.

The story that this game is trying to tell is that there was a time travel experiment that went wrong and because of that, the time starts to break down. Because of the failure of this experiment, three individuals received time controlling powers. They are the main characters and their relationship changes after they get the powers because one of them, Serene, turns against the other two.

The game looks great and from what we’ve seen the characters in the game are actually real actors that also play in the digital show that goes along the gameplay. The main character, Jack Joyce is played by the same guy that you may recognize from the Xmen movies, Shawn Ashmore who plays the well known superhero and mutant Iceman. Jack’s brother, William Joyce, is played by Dominic Monaghan  who is well known for his lead role in the TV series show called LOST and another awesome actor from even another great TV show, Game of Thrones is Aidan Gillen who plays in the game the role of the antagonist, Paul Serene, the founder of Monarch Solution, the evil company that is after the protagonists of the game.

Now let’s talk more about what you are supposed to do in this game. Well the main goal is to save the time that is running out and to beat Serene which is after you the whole time. You start of by playing with Jack and you have the ability to stop time.
We really love the idea behind this game which is very original and is like nothing that you have ever seen before. Having the ability to control time must be great and we can’t wait to see how does that feel next year when we will play this awesome game.

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