4 Exclusive Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

Possibly you setup your post and are now in worry that how and where to promote it? Then here today in this post I will share all the best exclusive places where Pro Bloggers, promote their articles. Many of my blog readers and friends ask me that in which ways and where they should promote their blog posts to get instant position in SERP. To give them a brief description, i was thinking why not to gifted a detail tutorial about the ways how to promote blog posts in 4 exclusive places. At the movement, I have complied a list of the best places to promote a blog post. You would all be assured that social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more help us in promoting our posts. It might be necessary for those how do not know how to use these social media websites for increasing web page traffic.

Top Exclusive Places Your Should Promote Your Blog Posts

1: Facebook Groups

This could be the one of the best way of promoting blog posts. Just join some from the Facebook groups on Facebook or create one of the own and add your blogger friends to it and share you links when you hit it. This will certainly help you in gaining lots of traffic from Facebook. Join on as many groups when can and submit you links there and also engage as well as other members of group if you want to get best creation of these areas. Be active on the groups you enroll in. 

Find your related topics on neighbor groups and answer the questions. Do helps the co-bloggers and solve their queries. These steps will be able in creating a strong community for both of you and the blog.

2: Google Plus

Communities are yet another great place to publicize your posts. Join different Google plus communities you enjoy and share your posts and ideas on these local communities. You may have followers on line plus and you will share website posts with them, but that's not enough, try to enroll some of Google+ numbers. 

Many of you may be on these communities and find it tough to share posts on these communities, I would personally recommended to install any sharing plugin (I would favor Shareholic and Digg for WordPress and related sharing widget for blogger) and just click on g+ symbol for each new publish post. For better results make an attempt to connect along with community members, +1 their posts, basically. These steps will direct you towards making a presence on these communities and may also help in increasing expenses traffic.

3: Blogger Communities

Below are some useful blog communities presented online that would work worthy and prove preciously in your current blogosphere business. Best of them are as follow: 
•    Triberr 
•    Bizsugur
•    Gather
•    Blog engage (it’s paid :( But a great blog community)
•    Blokube 
•    Technorati 

These are all the great place to gain a lots of traffic to make a successful blog. Individually you have to make a note for all these communities to give bunch of blogging discussion each day to your friends. Make a lot of friends as much as possible, follow others, and Join tribes in triberr etcetera. Then share your post with nice description in bundles of your related communities. Do vote and like other lists.

4: Link Sharing Websites

We are familiar with all of these great websites like Linkedin, StumbleUpon, pininterest, Digg, twitter, Reddit etc. that helps us a lot in gaining referral traffic. Make friends on these websites, mail other members so if you wish to get touching them, try to build up relations with co-bloggers. 

Do share other members content so as your presence on several websites increases. This will clearly help you in cultivating your website visitors. I hope you may have enjoyed this tutorial about promoting your blog posts. Pals Do share this post with your blogger family and also subscribe for our newsletters for daily information. Do comment for your response :)

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