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How to promote youtube channel easily:
If you want to have a successful YouTube channel, you’re going to have to do some promoting and marketing. Fortunately, with the power of social media, getting the word out about your YouTube channel has never been easier, especially on Facebook.
Facebook is the most widely used and popular social media network in the world. Over a billion people worldwide are using Facebook. That’s one-seventh of the population of the whole world!
Still wondering why you should use Facebook for promoting your YouTube channel and vlogs? Probably not, right? So, with the “why” of the matter out of the way, let’s get started…
Create Your Facebook Fan Page and Start Branding
Using your personal Facebook account, you can create a fan page by clicking on the down arrow to the right of your privacy settings in the upper right hand corner of your home page. Just click “Create Page”, and you’ll be directed to select a category and start filling out the profile for your new fan page.As you start filling in the fields for your Facebook page, keep branding in mind. You should have a recognizable logo for your YouTube channel already, so be sure to use that for your profile picture. Use another recognizable and branded picture for your Facebook cover photo, and you’ll be set to start marketing.Also, remember to include relevant keywords and phrases (for search optimization), as well as all relevant links (your YouTube channel, your blog, your other social media links, etc.) in your Facebook page.
Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page
Now that you’ve created your YouTube channel’s fan page, it’s time to start getting more followers on Facebook. When people like your page, all of your posts will show up in their newsfeeds, and when they like, comment on, and/or share your posts, their friends and followers will see your content, as well.So, the more likes you can get, the better your marketing efforts will be when it comes to promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook.To start off with, go ahead and take the opportunity to invite as many friends as possible to like your Facebook fan page. Doing this once will let them know that you’ve created a page and that you have a cool YouTube channel that they should check out.However, doing it over and over again won’t convince any hold-outs to like your page. They’ll just think you’re spamming your list, and they won’t appreciate it. Instead, try these helpful ideas.At the end of each of your YouTube videos, mention your Facebook fan page, and link to it within the first two lines of your description so that the link is always visible and doesn’t get hidden. Don’t underestimate how powerful a call to action can be. Simply saying something like, “If you like what you’ve seen so far, like us on Facebook for regular updates and cool behind-the-scenes photos!”You can even mention that you now have a cool Facebook fan page on your other other social media sites. If you have a marketing budget to promote your YouTube channel’s brand, you can test out Facebook advertising as well.
While you’re at it, make sure to reach out to other vloggers in your niche or industry. Offer to exchange shout-outs, Facebook links, and take part in other social media collaborations.
Promoting Your YouTube Videos Effectively
Your Facebook page can be a huge help in getting more views for your YouTube channel, but you’ll have to time your posts wisely. You don’t want to share your YouTube videos too often, as that’s likely to fill up your followers’ newsfeeds and make your marketing efforts feel like spam.
Instead, look at the analytics for your YouTube channel. Note when your videos are getting the most views on YouTube. This is when your target audience is most active, so start sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook at these times.
Also, take a look at where the majority of your vlog audience is located. This will allow you to keep time zones in mind when promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook.
Sharing More than Just YouTube Vlogs
Now, while we’re on the subject of sharing, let’s talk about what else you should be posting on your Facebook fan page. If you only post links to your videos, you’re only going to be posting on Facebook whenever you upload a vlog on YouTube, and that’s simply not enough.
You don’t want to fill up people’s Facebook timeline with repeated content.
So what can you do?
Schedule about one to four quality and engaging Facebook posts per day on the weekdays. You can choose whether or not to update on the weekends at your own discretion. We recommend checking your analytics for this, but we’ll get to that a little bit later on. As a rule, though, at least on the weekdays, you need to have something of interest to post on Facebook to keep your YouTube channel on your followers’ radar and to spread the word.
So what can you post? Share teasers from upcoming YouTube videos. Post behind-the-scenes shots and outtakes. Setup a Facebook poll to determine what your fans want to see from you next. Post interesting links that are related to your YouTube channel’s niche or industry. Create a companion blog to your YouTube channel and share blog posts/articles from it.
Whatever you post, make sure that it’s relevant and that you stay consistent, which brings us to our next point…
Maintain an Active Social Presence
Post regularly to Facebook, but don’t just post. Facebook is a social network, so you’re going to have to get social if you want to really get all of the use out of it possible. With mobile technology, you can easily maintain an active presence on Facebook throughout the day. You may only post once or twice, but you can also keep an eye on comments, shares, and likes.
If people are commenting on your Facebook posts, don’t hesitate to respond. Answer their questions and ask a few of your own. Get involved in the conversation. The more active you are, the more approachable and friendly you’ll appear to your YouTube fans and viewers.
This is a big part of being successful as a vlogger. When your viewers see that you care about them and the community of your vlogging niche, they’ll build a positive bond with your content, watch more of your YouTube videos, and share your content on Facebook, along with other social media sites.
Start a Facebook Group for Your YouTube Channel
In addition to your fan page, where your viewers can come to find out cool information and videos related to your YouTube channel, you can also create a Facebook group dedicated to discussions and audience posts about your industry or niche.
This will basically be like a forum dedicated to topics relevant to your channel and to the interests of your audience.Encourage your followers to join the group and post their own ideas, tips, tricks, and questions, as well as interesting links. Don’t forget to get involved with the group. Respond to posts with positivity and watch your following and engagement grow!
Keep an Eye on Your Facebook Activity
Now, while you’re doing all that, keep an eye on your fan page activity. What happens to your engagement, likes, and shares after you post during a specific day of the week? What time of the day gets the most views and likes? Do you get much engagement on the weekends? Which types of posts are the most popular?
The more you pay attention to your page activity and gently tweak your content and posts, the more traffic you’ll get to your Facebook posts, and the more effective you’ll be at promoting your YouTube channel.
So, to review: Make a Facebook fan page and be sure to fill out all the fields in your bio with relevant information and content, including links to your YouTube channel and other social media profiles. Post unique, interesting content regularly and interact with your audience in the Facebook comments. You can make a Facebook group to get super involved with your vlog audience, as well. Keep track of your Facebook activity and fine-tune your posts to get the most exposure. That’s it!
Keep these marketing tips in mind when using Facebook to promote your YouTube channel as a vlogger.

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