Approval by adsense through your blog is now possible

Today in this post i am going to teach you how to be approved by adsense with your blog.Adsense is one of the most popular advertising and publishing network in the world.Every blogger who start blogging thought to earn online by adsesne with his blog.Earning through adsense is not so diffficult.Adsense pays you for impressions(CPM) and as well as clicks(CPC) on the ads.Many people think that there are no adsense ads on my blog, then how can i will teach you how to be approved by adsene.My answer is that i have many other blogs from which i am earning lots of money by adsense, and i am making it perfect then i will apply for adsense.You will see google adsense ads on my this blog soon.

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Nowadays approval by adsense is much more difficult then before, but i am going to tell you how to become approved by adsense easily.There are many reason for disapproving by adsense but i will teach you how to solve major reason of disapproving.

Just follow these tips and i am sure your blog will be approved by adsense.

First read these term and services of adsense to know more about adsense.

Insufficent Content

Insufficent content by adsense is one of the most common problem faced by blogger.Most of the bloggers are dissapproved by adsense due to "insufficent content".This is because you have copied material from other sites or you have no quality content.

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Number of post should also be greater than 400.

Now i am going to tell you how to solve "Insufficent content" by adsense.You can solve this by increasing code to text ratio.This is the ratio between your content text and your blog's template code.Code to ratio will be 50% then you will be approved by adsense.Now the problem is how to check code to text ratio, i have solved your this problem.

Check code to text ratio here.

Code to text ratio is improtant for crawlers, if your code to text ratio is less crawlers can't crawl your blog or use crawlers to know what your pages are about.Becasue adsense show their relavent ads on your site.

Blog Design

Blog design or template also matter for approval by adsesne.Your blog template should be responsive and you should have to give clear navigation for your visitors.You can also design your blog template own.There are many sites which offers you to design any template on their site with advance tools and download it for free(Dotemplate).

If you are not expert or you don't know how to edit template, then you can just download free templates for free.Free templates are not suitable for blog or any website becasue you can't customize it for yourselve.Therefore i will suggest you to buy orignal templates.

If you can't buy these themes, then i will suggest you to use blogger custom templates.If you like my blog's template then you can also download it from here.

Important Pages on your blog

Before you submit application on adsense you will have to make 4 important pages in your blog.All popular sites in internet have these pages.These 4 pages are Privacy policy,Discalimer,About and contact forms are very important for your blog.

These 4 pages will show that you are a professional blogger.Contact form is one of the most important page for your blog, becasue any who want to contact with you will contact you from here.

Age verification

To be approved by adsesne your age should be 18+.If you are under 18 then you can use the payee name of your father or brother.

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Low Traffic

Traffic is the key factor for earning online through advertising networks.You can't earn withput traffi.The more traffic the more you will earn.If you are not getting huge organic traffic from search engines.Then you will not be approved by adsense.

I have solved this problem.You can use social networks to drive traffic to your blog.Adsense allows traffic from facebook and as well as twitter.I have wrote post on how to drive traffic from twitter as well as how to drive traffic from facebook.

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Copied images

Copied images from google search result will result your blog disaproved  by adsesne.Therefore i will suggest you to not copy any images from google search results.Make your own images, this is not so difficult , because you can't cheat google, google is so smarter then you think.


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