Basic SEO trick used by many famous bloggers

Add SEO Friendly Meta Tags in Blogger

SEO Meta Tags for Description and Keyword is main aspects in On Page SEO to make Your Blog more SEO Friendly. Google can Easily Find your Blog and When Search Engine Easily Catch your Description and Keyword It can Increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).These SEO Friendly Meta Tags help Search Engines Bots Like Google Bot, Yahoo Bot to Understand that what the Webpage is about. It is very Helpful in Blogger if you Use this SEO Friendly Meta Tags very Effectively in your Blogger Template.

It is one of the On Page SEO Strategy of Blogger and Increase your Blog / Site Ranking in Popular Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Many of Blogger not use These SEO Meta Tags because Lack of SEO and Some of I Seen they Use their Blog Description as a Post Description that Conflicts in Search Engine So Bots Can’t Able to Crawl that Webpage. So Guys Use These Below Tags to Improve you On Page Blogger SEO. You Need to Use a a Blog Description Only on Homepage and use Post Description in Blogger. I Also Face this Problem so Thats Why am Gonna Share Because It Definitely Improve your Alexa Rank and Search Engine Indexing.

Meta Tags – Information About Your Blog and Website that are Unseen by Visitor But Crawled by Search Engines and help Search Engine to Understand that What the Webpage is About.

Why Use SEO Friendly Meta Tags ?

Some of Blogger Thought that Why we use These SEO Friendly Meta Tags in our Blogger Templates. So Here is You want to Know about that Blogger is Not mote Optimized for SEO like WordPress So You need to Do Manual SEO to Improve your Blogger Blog. In Default Blogger Template There is no Meta Tags for Blog Description and Keyword So We need to add this Manually and Other is many of Free Blogger Template have Meta Tags But they not Optimized with SEO. You can Also Check our SEO Meta Tags with other Sites Post.

Steps to SEO Friendly Meta Tags for Blogger Description & Keywords :

Before Starting the Steps of this On Page SEO Optimization. You need to Add Same Code in Your Blogger Template Because in below Code we can Already Optimize SEO Meta Tags that you Only Need to Add in Your Blogger Template After <head> Tag and Save your Template.
  • Go to Your Blogger Account >> Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTM
  • Press CTRL+F and Find <head> Code in your Blogger Template.
  • Put the Below Optimized SEO Meta Tags For Blogger Description & Keywords After <head> tag.
  • After Successfully Adding the Above Code in your Blogger Template. Just Save Blogger Template and you see the Results within a Week.
  • Just Fill all the Details about Author and Blog Because Above Code is a Demo of SEO Meta Tag for Blogger.
NOTE : In Above Code We Cover almost all Meta Tags that Every Successful Blogger Need Like Author Name, Email Address, Bot Names and Optimized Blog Description and Keyword with Dynamic Meta Tags. Your Blog Description is Automatically Disable for Post Pages because It can Conflict in Search Engines. So You need to show Post Description on your Post Page Instead of Blog Description.

Show Post Title Before Blog Title

In Blogger, By Default the Blog Title is Always Before the Post Title that a Big Concern for Blogger’s SEO. It can Effect you Blog Ranking in Search Engine Results Because There is a Character Limit in Google Search Results and Your Blog Title always Appear Before Post Title. Blog Title Cover the most of your space in Search engine results that Post Title is not Appear Properly in Search Results. So Below is a Best Title Optimization Code for Blogger. It can Only show Your Post Title Before Blog Title So, Visitor know about your post. When do to Show Post Title Before Blog Title It Definitely Improve your Blogger SEO.

Show Blog Title After Post Title – Blogger SEO
Where Blog Title is a Static Character Appear in Search Result and Post Title is Dynamic. Google Robots Search Website According to Search Keyword and Only Show 66 Character of Title in Search Result so When You Use SEO Optimize Blogger Title so Post is Show in Search Results Rather than with Blog Title. When Visitors Search on any Keyword they Eager to Click on Post that is Good Looking Link (In the Sense Show ‘Search Keyword’ that is your Post Title). So I Will Recommended that Use Blogger Optimize Title For SEO Because now that Time SEO Covers a 40% of Your Website Traffic Entry.

How to Blogger Title Optimization For SEO ?

In Blogger Default Template and Third Party Template They Use Simple and Short Blogger Title Syntax that Show Blog Title Before Your Post Title in Google Search Results that is Very Bad For SEO(Search Engine Optimization). So We Show Below that “How to Show Post Title Before Blog Title in Blogger for SEO ?”

Follow These Simple Steps Shown Below :

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Press CTRL+F and Search Below Code in your Blogger Template. (To Copy The Below Code, You need to Open this Code in New Window )

  1. Replace This Code with Below Code and Save Your Blogger Template.
  2. Now Its Done.

Advantages :

  1. Increase Blog Organic Traffic.
  2. Show Proper in Search Result according to Search Keyword.
  3. Increase Blog CTR.
  4. Increase Page Views
  5. Better Ranking in Search Engines.

 Epic Way to Get More Traffic to Website

There are many Newbie Bloggers Who Don’t Know about SEO and also don’t Know how they rank Their Site at the Top of Google Search result. So These are the  5 Epic Way to Get More Traffic to Website that definitely work and increase your Website Traffic and I always said to all my Visitors “Traffic = Money”. So Here I Reveal the Top 5 Epic Way to Get More Traffic to Website that Can help you to Improve your Off Page SEO. 

1. Yahoo Answers. 

Yahoo answers is basically a Platform where Individual Ask any Questions that can be answered by Many Individual Peoples.  It is Owned by Yahoo an also Called Yahoo Q & A. Yahoo Answers can help of million of People via Comments and References. So the best place to divert traffic on your website. This is my first Recommended Tips because it can also help you to Indexed your Webpages in Yahoo Search engine.
In This, firstly you know that Yahoo Answers have daily Million of Visitor and Daily New Q/A will updated. So Whatever your website niche and search on similar topic in Yahoo Answers and give suitable solution in your answers and give your website link where user can get the answer of his problem.

2. Youtube Videos.

YouTube is Best Video Sharing Site and have Billions of Views as Per day Basis. YouTube has #3 Alexa Rankmeans third most viewed website in the world. So Now straight up to my topic. Create a Youtube channel and post videos on whatever you write in you post and link to your post. When a User can Watch your Video they can also Check your Website as well as and Redirected to your Website. This can also Make a SEO Benefit to Get Traffic from the Most Influenced Websites.

3. Drive Traffic From Facebook .

Facebook – The Best Way to Connect Peoples On Internet & World’s Number 1 Social Networking Website. Now that time Facebook Play very Important Role in SEO because Many of Popular Websites get a Referral Traffic from Social Media Giant Facebook. It is Hit the Top Sport to Drive Traffic to Websites and other Social Media. In SEO t is also a First Recommended Social Media to Promote your Website via Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and Through Other ways. What You gonna Do, Post Regularly on Your Facebook Page and Interact with your Fans and Solve Their Problems.

4. Commenting On Other Websites and Blogs.

This is the most Used and Epic method to get Traffic to Your Website by Commenting on Others Website with your Niche. It can Improve your Search Engine Performance because of Google Juice. Don’t Worry about No-follow Backlinks Just Leave useful Comments on High Quality Websites. 
NOTE : Not Comment to Get Only Traffic and Insert your URL, Leave a Suitable Comment that is Useful for the Readers. Your Comment Has Value to someone.

5. Forum Comment.

Comment on popular forum are very Elite way to get Do-Follow Backlink as well as Traffic. Because it has free registration and allow you to comment in Forum’s Post According to your Answer Score.  There are many popular Forums like Digital Forum, Black Hat World and more. So Search topic in forum that similar to your blog niche and comment in forum and Get More Traffic to Website .

Best Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking of your Blog

Our Today We are going to share top Killer Way to Improve Alexa Ranking of your website. Firstly i Talk About What is Alexa Rank ? Basically in Simple Language Alexa is a Company that Cover Web Information and Traffic Data of Websites Over the Internet and Give the Rank of Every Website According to Site Performance & Behavior. Now Millions of Websites Use Alexa Rank Widget to See the Site Stat and Behavior of Site. Alexa was Founded by Brewster KahleBruce Gilliant in 1996 (by and is Used by SEO’s and Webmasters to See the Ranking of Sites and Easily Compare Two Sites ranking Easily. Decrease your Alexa rank is not an Difficult Work But Alexa prefer those sites who have High Quality Content.

Improve Alexa Ranking
So in this Article i can Show You How to Decrease Your Alexa Rank by Writing One Article or More in Week ? Sounds Good, Yes Its True. We Not Write Posts Daily But We Post High Quality Content So we Get Lower Ranking than Others. I Follow my Simple & Easy Rule “Write High Quality Content & Just Share and Promote”

Best Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking

Verify Your Site :

Firstly You need to Verify Your Site From Alexa. Sign Up in Alexa and it Give You a Code that You Paste in Head Section and your Site Will Verified. Alexa Give a Better Ranking to those Websites Who have Verified From Alexa. Now You see that Millions of Websites is verified by Alexa and It is a Giant in the websites ranking, So Every One Makes positive Image in the Eye of Alexa & Google to Score a Good Ranking.

Promote Your Post :

When am new in Blogging, I Daily Publish Article on my Blogs and Just Sit Back to See the Traffic. I Receive Very Low Traffic and then i Read Somewhere on Internet that it is Important to Post a Article but Most Important is to promote Your Post. When You Share Your Article in Social Media or Other Sites So Google Will See that Whose Site is Crawled day by day So Google Lift Your Content in Search Results. If Your Content has Low Quality So in 2-3 Day Your Post is Going Down in Google Search Results.

Alexa Rank Widget :

We all Know that am talk About, that the Alexa Rank Widget is Now used to see the Site Stat and Ranking Behavior. Every Website Owner Use Alexa Rank Widget to Show a Ranking to Visitor and More Visitors Get Attracted by Alexa Ranking. When You Use Alexa Rank Widget You Provide a Backlink to Alexa and Noticed in the Eye of Alexa and Gives You a Better Ranking

Building Backlinks :

Oh Yeah ! Building Baclink is a Very Trendy Word Used By SEO’s and Webmasters. Building Backlink is a Process Where Sites Refer Your Site Links and Clicked More Frequently and Permanent Fixed Link Converted into Backlinks. So When You have More High Quality Backlink Alexa Give You a More Better Ranking. In SEO Building Backlinks is Very Important to Lift You Site and Make a Good Reputation of Your Site. It is very important to gain Backlinks now that time because Google Lift those site that link is Referred by Some Top sites.

Things to Do After Write a Blog Post

For Every Newbie Blogger SEO is the Most Sophisticated Part of Blogging. I can Discuss here About Off-Page SEO and Improvements. Because It can Cover the main Part of a Every Successful Website. Many of Blogger Write an Article only for Money and They only Just Write Blog Post and Say ouhh Done, This is Totally Wrong. Now Today I Talk About The Most Important Things for SEO that You Must To Do. Below I Share 5 Things to Do After Write a Blog Post. It can Improve your Search Engine Ranking as well as Improve Your Alexa Rank Very Rapidly.

See Your Post 10 Minutes :

LOLZ You Never Do This I Know, Every Professional Blogger See Their Article Approx 10 Min. or More Because Nobody is Perfect. When you See your Article or Blog Post for a 10 Minutes You Definitely Found some of Faults. Just Repair it Immediately Before Google Will Crawl Your Webpage. 80% of Bloggers Never Do This Thing Cause its So Boring. But If You Make a Good Blogsphere with your Visitors So Share Only Useful Piece of Information.

Share on Social Media :

Google Rank Your Site According to Your Website Reputation and It also Check How Many Times Your URL is Shared on Social Media Sites. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin These Sites Gives Great Benefits to Newbie Sites. Social Media is a Best Way to Lift your Post Up in Search Engines. Once You can Share your Post on Some of Social Media If Your Content is Catchy and High Quality So You have Chance That People Share your Content on Their Social Profiles.

Link Optimization :

After Write a blog Post See Your Previous Posts and Link Your Latest Article with Previous One and Optimize your Links. It can Generate Extra Traffic and Increase your Bounce Rate of your Website. Link Optimization is Popular Method Use by Among Professional Bloggers Such as Harsh AgrawalDarren Rowse  & Amit Agrawal. In Other Words you can Say It is the Epic Technique to Get an Extra Traffic on Your Website.

Check Text Ratio Against Code Ratio :

In SEO Everything is Important so Many of SEO Tools Give Preference to Text Ratio Against Code Ratio. It Means you can Write more High Quality Content as Text that can Increase Your Visibility in Search Engine Ranking. Because Googlebot can Index your Post Text unlike Codes and Scripts. The Main focus of this Point is that Your Text Ratio is Greater than your Code Ratio. Sometimes It can Also Increase your Website Speed.

Promote Your Post :

Promotion is a Main Part of Every Product, Movie and also of Website Because If People Don’t Know about Your Website or any Product So How They Reach to Your Website ?. Many of Newbie Bloggers I seen They Just Write a Post and Repeat this Procedure and Can’t able to Gain Decent Traffic from Their Content Because the Lack of Promotion.  Always take Part in Forum and Blog Commenting to Promote your URL that can Increase Your Traffic as well as Improve Your Off-Page SEO. On These Forums Find your Suitable Place for Comment and Give a Right and Suitable Reply and Promote Your Link. This will Help You to Establish a Good Reputation of your Website. Use Yahoo Answers, YouTube and Digital Forum. This tactics is very Old But Still Working Fine.

Image Optimization Blogger for Search Engines

In the Era of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engines Like Google, yahoo and Bing Don’t Crawl only your Webpage Text, Now that Time They also Focus on Fully Optimized Image of Your Website. Along with your Website your Websites Images are also under Indexing Criteria So It is very Important to Know about Image Optimization for Better Search Engine Results. Images are Definitely a Acid of your Blog post Because They Visually Represents your Post or Article. So thats Why am Gonna Show you a Best Way to Fully Optimize your Post Image with SEO. Search Engine Crawlers Rank that Images in Google Image Search Results that is Better Optimized with ALT Tag, have Caption and Title. Better Images Like Your Provide a Suitable ALT information of your Images and Add a Caption of your Article Picture.

 Steps to Optimize Blogger Images for Better Search Engine Results :

Below are the Two Best Way to Optimize your Image with SEO on Blogger Platform. We all know that SEO is become the main Factor of Every Website that is going to Index in Search Engines So We need to Improve it. Many of Bloggers Skip Image Optimization in Blogger because of Lack of SEO Knowledge So Guys Take 5-10 Minutes to Read this Post. We Demonstrate that How your Blog Images is Optimized with SEO for Better Search Engine Ranking.

ALT Tag or ALT Text in Blogger :

It is a HTML Tag used to represent Image Information to Search Engines Crawlers. Be Sure that when you Add some Image in your Post So, Add ALT Text within your Image Because Because of Three Reasons :
  • Search Engines have not Eyes that they See your Images and Index it. It only Fetch Information about Image and Then Index in Their Search Results.
  • Alternatively, When Your Image is not Properly Load in Webpage or your Page is show only Text So ALT information show in the Place of Image It can help Visitors to know about that Image.
  • Some of Visitors have No Time to read your Post So Who Listen to your Content of Webpage can also Listen to your ALT information About Your Image. It also Pronounced as “Alternative Text” Simply use ALT Tag in HTML.
There are Many Newbie Bloggers Who Don’t Aware About Image SEO So, They Just Only Write Blog Post and Hit Publish Button. But in the Era of SEO you Need to add ALT Information in Every Image of your Post. People on Internet Searching for an Images for Wallpapers, Cars, Models etc So, If your Image is Optimized with Suitable Information and ALT Tags So, Your Image is Definitely Index in Google Image Search Results.

How to Add ALT Information in Blogger Blog :

  1. When you Wrote your Blog Post After Upload an Image to your Post.
  2. Just Simple Select that image and You have multiple Options Choose “Images Properties” and Add Suitable Information in it According to your Image and Post.

Add Caption in Blogger Images :

In Every Platform WordPress, Blogger in Post image there is an Option to Add Caption in your Post Images But Many of Blogger Don’t use because Lack of SEO Awareness. So, Let’s Start Caption is Like a text Line that Represent you Image in just a Small Piece of Text that Responsible for Search Engines to now about the Image that they are going to Index. When you Upload an Image in your Post So Always Add Caption with your Image to Optimize your Image for Search Engines. It also visible to Both user and Crawlers.

Steps to Add Caption to Blogger Image :

  1. When your Write your Blog post So After Uploading an Images Like Above Steps Just select an Image.
  2. You have Multiple Option withing Image Just Choose “Add Caption” and Add a Small Piece of Text that Better Represent your Image.

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools ?

Many Newbie Bloggers don’t Know How To Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Search Engine Such as Google, Bing and Yahoo Use Sitemap To Crawl Our Websites So thats Why Its is important toSubmit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Many of Bloggers Ignore this that affect the blog ranking in Search Results. Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap is very easy in Google Webmaster Tool. Many of Bloggers around the Internet Post very Difficult Methods Or Show the Right Method Indirectly To Submit Sitemap in Webmaster Tool. But I Give you the simple and easy way that i choose to Submit My Blog Sitemap in Webmaster Tool.

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  • Go To Google Wemaster Tool and Login Your Account. Click On Website that You want to submit Sitemap.
  • You can see three Sections in Which You Can Choose Sitemaps. (Click On It)
  • Click On Add/Test Sitemaps and a Small Windows is Drop Down Where You can Enter this Red Highlighted Code. Below

  • Click On Submit Sitemap and all is Done Successfully !
But If You have More than 500 Posts So You Need To Submit One More Sitemap. Its very easy again Click On “Add/Test Sitemap” and Add This Below Code.
  • Click On Submit Sitemap now Your Second Sitemap is Submitted Successfully !

Why Submit Sitemap to Webmaster Tools is Important ?

There are many Bloggers on Internet they doesn’t Know that How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster tools because they don’t know about Sitemap. It is webpage that contain a List of your URL’s and help search engine robots to Crawl your website easily. There is very important to submit sitemap to webmaster tools because When robots come to your website it fetches your sitemap and crawl easily. Webmaster Tool is a great platform to submit your sitemap to Google Manually So that why it is Recommended to Submit Sitemap to Webmaster Tools.
Sitemap Help Search Engines Like Google, Bing and Yahoo to Understand your Website that Types and Text So thats Why Sitemap is used In Layman Word Sitemap is a Place where we all all the URL of our Site in Hierarchical Order. If You want to Derive an Organic Traffic from Search Engines So You Definitely need to submit blogger sitemap to google webmaster tools.


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