How to earn huge money from blog or website

how to earn online

Today i am going to teach you how to earn a huge income from blog or website.There are many ways of earning online.I will teach you step by step.First thing you have to know is don't copy paste any type of material from other sites, this will make your site or blog scam or low trusted.

If you know well about blogging and making a website then there will be no difficulty for you to earn online, but if you are new in this field then you will face some difficulties.The newbies have to know that only earn from those sites which are trusted.Now the question is how will newbies know that which site is a scam or not?

The answer is simple, they can just type on google search and google will show them the list of scam sites.

Now i am going to tell you different ways of earning from blog or website.

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Publishing Sites

There are many publishing sites from which you can earn online just displaying different types of ads.The best publishing site is google adsense.Approval by Adsense is much difficult than other sites.
If you are wishing to get approved by adsense then you have to know that don't copy paste from other sites and also write a large number of posts.

If you get disapproved by google adsense then you have to use other sites.

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I am providing you the list of other publishing sites, which are the best alternatives of google adsense.
  3. Revenue hits
  4. Propeller ads
  5. Infolinks
  6. Bidvertiser and and are so similar and easy then other.You have to just sign up and no approval is required.

Revenue hits

Revenue hits is CPA(cost per action) site, it's approval is also no difficult.But you have unique visitors to get revenue.

Propeller ads

Propeller ads is also another pulishing netwrok.It's approval is not difficult.It is CPM(cost per impression) and CPC(cost per click) site.


Infolinks is best alternate of google adsense.It's approval is difficult, but if you get approved  by it you can earn a huge money from it.


Bidvertiser is another best publishing network.It's approval is also not difficult.This is not a good network to earn becasue it's rate are low.

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