how to make a perfect(SEO Fiendly) blog on blogger and approved by adsense

How to make a blog:

Making a blog is very simple, you just have to sign up for google account if you have no one.As you can see in picture below.
google account for free

After making a google account or if you already have a google account then just go to and signin with your google account.
making a blog on

After signing in you have to make a blog.I will suggest you to pick a SEO friendly blog name and url.

new blog on

Then you have to choose a template for your blog which is very important.Your template should be responsive to attract more visitors.There are many sites where free blogger tempaltes are avilable but i will suggest you to pick a responsive template from Templatism.Thas it you have make your new blog.

How to make your blog perfect(SEO friendly):

Making your blog perfect is not simple, you have to do many things in your blog.First you have to make you blog SEO friendly.I have written another post about SEO:Basic SEO trick used by famous bloggers.

  • Search Engines Submission:
This is the most important thing you have to do.If you don't do it your blog can't get organic traffic.First you have to submit your blog to google webmaster and then bing webmaster these two search engines are the most used in world.

  • Custom Robots.txt for your blog.

    This is the most important thing for SEO.This will guide search engine to which page is allowed to indexed or crawled.

    User-agent: Mediapartners-GoogleDisallow:/searchAllow: /User-agent: *Disallow:/searchAllow: /Sitemap:

    Copy and paste it to your blog and change url with your.You can check your robots.txt using your blog's url like this::::::

    • Sitemap for your blog:
    Sitemap for blog or website is very important for search engines.This will guide search engines about your post.You may not have to make sitemap because in it is made automatically for bloggers.You only have to submit sitemap of your blog in search engines like google and bing.

    You can check your blogger's sitemap using your blog's url like this::::

    • Custom Robots Header Tags:
    There are some settings which can be used to make blog SEO friendly Robots header tags is one of them.It is very easy to use you just have to go to setting and click on search preferences and you see it below you just have to enable it and make setting like this.

    make your blog SEO friendly

    • Image Optimization:
    This is the most important thing if you aree using images in your blog post.One thing you have to know is don't use images from google search results and i will suggest you to make your own images.

    One more thing you have to know is always add title text to image and also ALT text .This is the most important thing you have to do.Don't use too much images in your post becasue it will reduce your code to text ratio which is not good for SEO.

    • Post Regularly:
    Content is king.Posting regularly will make your blog's SEO good and postion of your blog will also be good.Don't copy paste material from other blog's or website.Write your own post it will help google to index your blog fastly.

    How to be approved by Adsense.

    Approval by adsense is the dream of every blogger.But most of them are not approved by adsense because they don't know how to be approved by adsesne.I will tell you how to make a blog perfect for adsense.

    Not copy paste material from other site.
    Don't use other advertisement networks when you apply for adsense.
    Number of post should be greater than 200.
    Your code to text ratio will be 50%.

    Copy pasting metarial from other site will result your site dissapproved by adsense.Number of post also matter, but the main thing is code to text ratio.If your code to text ratio is low you can increase it by increasing number of posts.


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