I had no idea about sugar!

I’m writing this to tell you about beliefs, and how dangerous it can be to believe something. I’m not writing this to tell you to make any kind of changes in your eating habits. I want you to know this because I love sugar, things made with sugar, and I love all the fake sugars out there, too. No, friend. This is about belief. Oh, and I’m not selling anything. This is just a story.

Sugar – I Had No Idea

My buddy and business partner Rob Hatch recently did his first run through the Whole 30 diet and lost like 25 pounds in a month. Being that I needed to re-jumpstart my weight loss efforts (depression gave me back 50 pounds absolutely free!), I was motivated to give it a try.
But there was one rule that bugged me. No sugar of ANY kind. No artificial sweeteners.
For YEARS, I’ve told people, “I don’t care about lab rats and cancer and all that. I get that. But to me, zero calories means I’ll get a tumor later but achieve my goals now.” And I’ve lost weight in the past while consuming products that were artificially sweetened.
But to say that there was a HUGE difference when I cut out ALL processed sugars and artificial sweeteners entirely is like saying “Oh! I’ve been THROWING the bullets. You’re supposed to shoot them out of a gun?”
I get sugar through fruit. Don’t cry for me, Argentina. But I was drinking PLENTY of artificially sweetened beverages and loving every minute of it. It wasn’t until giving THOSE up that I learned what I learned.

What I Learned

Sugar (and artificial sweeteners) messed with my appetite immensely. When I consumed even a few cans or glasses of diet soda, my metabolism or something inside said, “Hey dude, go eat something. You’re hungry.”
I listened to my buddy Lewis Howes’ interview with Mark Sisson (Jacq’s been tied into his world for years, and I’ve read his books before). In it, Mark said we have to relearn how to train your body to burn fat and enjoy life.
So my diet switched with this Whole 30 plan to something more ketogenic in nature. Fat, protein, and vegetables. I get my protein from various meat sources. Some folks get theirs from plants and nuts.
My APPETITE is so steady and in check. My ENERGY LEVEL is so high. And my body is burning fat again, not sugar.

Belief Systems

believed that diet soda and artificially sweetened gum and stuff was “okay” for my goals. Ibelieved that it didn’t impact my appetite. I never even looked into whether there was another way.
THAT is the lesson. Think about all the parts of your life where you BELIEVE something. Where it’s FACT. Where it’s SOLID. How much of that might be messing with your success? How much of it might not really be helping you win?
That’s what sugar taught me. And I’m looking around. At everything. Unlike Agent Fox Mulder on the old X-Files shows, I don’t want to believe.
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