Revenuehits and blogger(complete earning guide)

earning with revenuehits

This is the dream of every blogger to earn online a huge money.Blogger is the easiest way of earning online becasue it is free and you will get your own site.If a blogger know how to run a blog and get traffic then he can earn lot of money.There are many ways of earning online like publishing networks,affiliate marketing and online store.But the best one is publishing networks, becasue this is the simple way you just have to put ads on your site and your traffic will make revenue for you.

Best publishing network for blogger is adsense, but it is so difficult to approved by it.If your blog is approved by adsense than you are yhe luckiest man in the world, becasue nowadays approval method of adsense is very difficult.If you want to your blog approved by adsense than read my this post:(approval by adsense is now possible).

But the topic of my this post is revenuehit therefore now i will tell you about revenuehits and blogger.

revenuehits and blogger
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Revenuehits is the second most famous publishing network after adsense.It is the CPA(cost per action) publishing network, which pays you for every action on your blog or site.It came into being in 2008.The best thing about this company is this is GEO targeting ad serving which will help you to earn more money.

One more thing you have to know about revenuehits is that it has second highest paying rates after adsense.

Every person is finding the best alternate of adsense and in my opinion revenuehits is the best alternate of adsense.

Benefits of revenuehits:

Revenuehits as you know is best alternate of adsense will give you more benifits than that of adsense.Becasue there are many ads type available in revenue hits, but in adsense there are certain banners only.Types of ads are given bellow.

  • Banners ads
  • slider ads
  • popup ads
  • mobile message ads
  • intertitial ads
As you have seen that there are lots of types of ads are available in revenuehits, which will help you to earn more money.

Earning guide:

Now i am going to tell you the most secret guide of earning with revenuehits.First you have to sign up for revenuehits.For this click below:

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Then you have to setup your profile and put ads on your site.
The question is what types of ads are best?

I will suggest you to use popups ads,slider ads and bottom banners ads, they will help you to make big money.

Traffic is the most important thing to earn online.If your site's traffic is low then the question will rise in your mind that, how to increase traffic?.
I have written many post about this topic see below:

Before reading this post you will know that the main thing for increasing traffic is your site's content.If you are copy pasting(pirating) content from other site's then just leave it becasue this type content will never give you traffic.Write your own post but only writting a post is not improtant, your post should be SEO friendly.If you wan't to know how to make SEO friendly post then read my these posts.
I am sure that after reading this post you will have to come to know about how to make SEO friendly post.

A geneous person will think that why i am asking you to make perfect SEO content for your site, becasue good content is needed to get organic traffic.

Many people think that organic traffic is not needed to earn and earning can also be made by artificial traffic like using traffic exchange site, paid traffic or any other.But in my opinion organic traffic is needful to earn a huge amount of money, becasue organic traffic is much more responsive than artificial traffic and if your site has more organic traffic then the clicks on ads will be large, but if you are using traffic increasing site's or softeware's than clicks will be less.

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