Turn your computer into earning machine

how to earn online.

 Today i am going to tell you most easiest ways of earning.There are many ways of earning some are easy but some are difficult like affiliate marketting.There are many other ways of earning which are very easy and you can also understand them, like earn from youtube, earn from blog or website and PTC sites.

In this post i will teach you how to earn huge money online as my post's title is "Turn your computer into earning machine".Internet is the most easiest way to earn huge money from home.

I will teach you different ways of earning step by step.

Make Blog or Website

It is most easiest way of earning online.you don't have to do any thing your visitors will give you revenue.

First you have to make a blog or website.You can make a free blog from here.If you have master card or something else from which you can purchase things online then i will suggest you to buy a top level domain(.com).If you want to buy cheap domain names then you can buy from here.

The next you have to do is make orignal content for your blog or website.If you are thinking to copy and paste material from other sites then you will never get organic traffic.Write your own post of about 500 to 600 words each.If you are using free blogspot blog then you have to make 400 post but if you are using custom domain then just write 50 to 100 articles.

Read this: How to get orignal content for your website or blog.

After this you have to apply for google adsense.If your blog or site is approved then write more post to get organic traffic because the more traffic you will get the more you earn.But if your blog or website get disapproved by adsense don't lose heart.There are many other sites from which you can earn from your blog.I am providing you the list of other publishing netwroks.

  1. Adf.ly
  2. Shorte.st
  3. Revenue hits
  4. Propeller ads
  5. Infolinks
  6. Bidvertiser
These are the best alternatives of adsense, you can earn huge amount of money from these sites.

Earn From Youtube

Youtube is another way to earn online.This is simplest way of earning online.You just have to make a video and upload it to youtube.Then you have to monetize your youtube account with adsense.When any one watch your video on youtube he will give you revenue.One thing to remember is don't use  video which is downloaded from internet.

Question is to what type of video will get more visitor.I will suggest you to make entertainment videos you will get more visitors.


Freelancing is the another way of earning online.If you are expert in any field of IT or you have skills to write a SEO friendly posts, you can edit photos or videos,you can do any type of work then i will suggest you use freelancing sites.You can earn huge amount from them.

There are many freelancing sites, you can signup for free and take any type of work.The two best freelancing sites are listed below.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fiverr
Freelancer is not good for beginners becasue you have to do bit of some money then you will get a project, thatswhy i will suggest you to use fiverr.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another way to earn online.This is the most difficult way to earn, but if you know how to do it then you can earn huge amount.Affiliate marketing is something in which you have to send visitors to affiliate website and if the visitor will buy any thing from their site you will be paid 50% to 70% of the sell.

This way of earning need skills.If you are doing affiliate marketing then i will going to tell you some basic tips.

  1. Use social networking
  2. Spend your own money to promote your affiliate link
  3. Spend as much time as you can
  4. Try to convince others to buy products
There are many sites of affiliate marketing.I am going to give you the list of some popular affiliate marketing networks.

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Click Bank
These are the some popular networks which will pays you.There are many other sites but they are not trusted.

PTC sites

PTC(paid to click) is another way to earn online.This is simple way to earn online, you just have to click ads and you will be paid.This is slow but easy and no skills are required.This is best for those who have no skills to make a blog or website.I am providing you the most trusted PTC sites list.

  1. Traffic monsoon
  2. Paidverts
  3. Clixsense
These are the most trusted sites, don't use any other sites becasue there are many scam PTC sites which will never pay you.

Now i am going to tell you how to earn huge amount of money from PTC sites.First thing you have to know is you can't earn huge amount without refferals.Because if you have refferals then some amount of refferals earning will be added to your account, you only have to click fixed ads regularly.

Now the question is how to get refferals.

You can increase your refferals by promoting your refferals link on social network and by spending some amount of money because when you spend some amount of money for increasing refferals and then if your refferals increases you can earn double of spended money.Thatswhy it's not bad deal.

Effective tip

I have listed all the earning ways above and if you want to earn huge amount then i will suggest you to don't use any specific way of earning, use all the ways of earning listed above then you will earn huge amount of money.

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