best CPM advertising networks.

CPM advertising networks.

Do you have a website which has high traffic and you want to monetize it and looking for good CPM advertising networks to add a banner at your website, then you are on right page.In this post i have provided you the list of best CPM advertising networks.First you have to know about CPM advertising.

What Is CPM Advertising:

CPM(Cost Per Impression) based advertising is one of the greatest way to earn online.CPM advertising networks pay you according to the amount of impressions recieved on a advertising.

CPM=Cost/Total Impressions X 1000

An impression means a single interface of a advertising on your site.This means if your visitors are just visiting your website and not clicking on ads you can still be paid.

Many people think that CPM advertising is not good and we can't earn a huge amount using them, but this is just a thought and in my opinion CPM advertising is also a good way to earn online.

Most CPM networks pay $1 to $10 /thousand impressions depending upon various factors.To ensure the quality of ads you have to put ads on prominent positions on your site.

Best CPM Advertising Networks:

If you are interested in CPM advertising networks and you want to know about best CPM advertising Networks then i am going to provide you the list of best CPM advertising networks.

1) AdsOptimal:


AdsOptimal is another popular CPM advertising network and the main thing to know about it is that it is the partner of Google Adsense and Double Click.You may not heared about this but this is one of the best CPM advertising network.


  • Approval process takes about two days.
  • You can get paid via Paypal or Check.
  • The minimum payout is only $50.
  • Free signup bonus for high quality sites.

2) Amazon CPM Advertising:

Amazon CPM Advertising.

Amazon seems to be coming up with all monetizing solutions.Amazon is one of the largest publishing network.One main thing to know about it is only available or selected Amazon affiliates.If you have an amazon account then you have to sign in and check if you are allowed to use Amazon CPM.

3) Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads.

Propeller Ads is also one of the best CPM advertising network.You can use it to monetize your blog or site.Making account on propeller ads is very simple and easy no requirments are required.Approval process is also very simple.


  • The minimum payout is $100.
  • Many type of Ads are provided.
  • They offer real time reporting.
  • You will be paid via Paypal.
If you don't have any Paypal account you can signup here and get $25 free signup bonus.

There are many other CPM advertising networks which are listed below.
  • Conversant Media.
  • Exponential Publisher network.
  • Criteo
  • Rhythmone


I have provided you the list of best CPM advertising Networks.You can use these all CPM networks to monetize your blog or site.
If you are facing any problem you can make a comment below i will help you.

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