How to earn extra money through your Blog/website

Guys, if you own a blog/Website and making a fair amount of money through selling Ads of Google Adsense or any other Ad networks then, you may wondering is there any other way to

if, you do then, in this post. That’s the topic I’m gonna talk on. I’ll show you legit ways to increase your income through your blog/website.
Here, in this post I’m gonna mention 5 ways to earn extra money through your blog/website.
1. Upload files and earn
From Openload, a service from which  you can upload the files shared in your blog and you’ll be paid for Downloads. Openload is a trustworthy service and pays about 5 to 40 USD for every 10,000 Downloads. The payout depends on the country the action comes from. So go sign up to Openload and start uploading your files.
Features – 
1. Minimum payout is 20 USD.
2. Unlimited storage.
3. Unlimited storage for you files.
4. Fast payouts [Within 24 hours].
5. Free cloud service.
2. Shorten your link and get paid – is European link shortening tool from which you can build an extra income. All you have to do is shorten your links through shorte which is affiliated with Ads, once you get the clicks on the links you start getting paid.
 Features – 
1. Very easy to use and as it is a unique way of displaying Ads.
2. Minimum payout is only 5 USD.
3. Get 20% commission for each referral for lifetime.
3.  Affiliate Marketing – 
Many believe that affiliate marketing is a more reliable way to earn money then selling Ads. It pays more than Google Adsense, many believe. Affiliate marketing actually means promoting a specific product or service through your blog, which pays really well depending on what kind of product or service of which platform you’re promoting on your Blog.
There are lot of affiliate marketing websites available on internet but, as per the experts are concerned the E-commerce affiliates are more easy, reliable and convenient as compared to other affiliate services. For Ex. Amazon affiliate is considered best across the world. Easy to use interface, wide range of products ad most importantly huge commissions make it the people’s favorite. Flipkart and Snapdeal affiliates are also good picks if you have a less running blog/website.
4. Create and sell your own E Book –
There are numerous niches of blogs in this world. Daily millions of blogs are created and millions are shut down. Your blog regardless of your niche if is running very well and receiving good traffic then write an E-Book on the Niche or the specific topic your blog focuses on and then keep it on sale in you blog. As, per I’m concerned at beginning keep price in the range of 4-5 USD.
5.  Sponsored Reviews –
The other way of making money through your Blog/website is by reviewing any product or service. There are numerous blogs and bloggers publishing sponsor reviews. A good example for that can be reviewing any Gadget like any camera or Laptop of any specific.

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