Easiest Way To Crack/Break Password In Windows 10


Forgot Windows 10 Password? Don't worry!! I will teach you the easiest way to crack or break password in windows 10. First you have to learn about the importance of password. Password is a method through which you can restrict others to see your personal data. If your windows 10 is password protected then only the person who knows the password can only login otherwise nobody can login to your windows 10. Windows 10 security system is very strict, a common person can never break it. But i will show you the two easiest ways to crack or hack password in windows 10. I am a interpreter and i have done research on windows 10, i found some bugs through which a hacker can penetrate to your windows 10. I have also found 10 magical tips for windows 10 which will be useful and surprising for you. For security purposes i can't share these bugs with you. So, the question that, how to break password in windows 10? is now solved. Just be patient and read the whole article.

There are many ways to crack or break windows 10 password. But here i will teach you the two easiest ways to break or crack windows 10 password. 

Easiest Way To Crack Or Break Password In Windows 10:

Basically here i will show you the two methods for breaking windows 10 password which are:
  • Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool.
  • Break Password Through CMD(Command Prompt).
So, lets start.

1) Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool:

 Windows 10 password recovery tools is an application through which you can recover your lost password. This application also allows you to reset,remove or create new admin. These all features make this application a powerful tool for breaking or resetting windows 10 password.

How to Break/Reset/Crack/Remove Windows 10 Password With Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool:


  • Download Windows Password Recovery Tool.
  • Install it on another computer.
  • After installing windows 10 password recovery tool, open it.
  • Now connect a blank USB and burn the cracker on it.
  • After burning the cracker on USB move this USB to the computer which is locked.
  • After connecting USB to the locked computer reboot it and disable UEFI boot if it is enabled.
  • Now make USB as First Bootable device.
  • After your computer boot with USB then you will see the screen similar to the picture below.
  • Follow the instructions and you will definitely hack/break/reset/remove windows 10 password.

2) Break/Reset Password Through CMD(Command Prompt):

You can also break or reset windows 10 password through CMD. This is the easiest way to break or reset windows 10 password. But there are some limitations of this method which are, you can only break/reset or hack windows 10 password if you have another admin account in that computer otherwise you can't use this method for hacking or breaking windows 10 password. This method is only for the condition when you have more than one admin accounts in one computer and you lost password of any one admin account. So, if this condition is you are facing than don't use windows 10 password recovery tool.

 How to Break/Reset Password Through CMD(Command Prompt):

As i have told you that this one of easiest method for breaking/cracking windows 10 password. So, just follow the instructions given below.

  • In Start menu search/find for CMD.
  • After finding CMD move cursor on it and press right mouse button and click on "Open as administrator".
  • After opening CMD write "net user". This will show you the list of all accounts.
  • Now note the account whose password you have lost.
  • After noting account type "net user (account name) *". Example: net user raja farhan *.  
  • Now you can see the details from which you can delete or reset the password.

Alternate Method For Breaking Windows 10 Password:

If you are facing any difficulty with the above two methods, this is another method for breaking windows 10 password. Windows 10 password reset wizard  is another method for breaking windows password. But this method is useful if you have created a password reset disc. 

How to reset Password With Password Reset Wizard:

  • Open you computer.
  • Type anything in password box.
  • After typing wrong password in password box you will see "Reset Password" option.
  • Click on "Reset Password" and a password reset wizard will open.
  • Now insert your password reset disc and follow the instructions.


So you have learned how to hack/crack or break windows 10 password and i am sure that you have realized that how difficult is to break password in windows 10. So, in my opinion always write your password in three papers and kept these papers in safe places or you can also tell password to your best friend. The best way is create a password reset disc and kept it in safe place or create more than one administrator account in your computer. 

In my opinion the best way to break windows 10 password is to use windows 10 password recovery tool.

Forgot Windows 10 Password? Don't worry!! I will teach you the easiest way to crack or break password in windows 10.You can also hack windows 10 microsoft account.


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