How To Hack Wifi Password Using CMD In Windows 10


How to hack wifi password using cmd in windows 10: 

Wifi is most easiest and portable way of communication. Wifi is a technology for wireless local area networking. This way of communication is mostly used in the world. Almost 80% of people are using this technology. But you have to pay for using this type of communication, you can also use this for free in public places like hotels, restaurants and other places. But in some cases these Wifi's are password protected, No problem there is a method through which you can see the password of wifi networks of public places. I have covered this topic in another article, for more details see this: How to use Wifi-Map for Hacking Password.                                 

Now you can hack wifi password using cmd in windows 10, 8 and 7 by following these 5 simple steps only.

Note: This Method is only for educational purpose, any illegal use of this method is not allowed.

    1. Open Command Prompt (CMD):

                      Go to start menu and search "cmd" after command prompt (CMD) appears in the result. After you find cmd move ponter to it and press right mouse button and click on "run as administrator".

2. Scan For All Available Wifi Networks:

                     After you open cmd you will see the black screen. If you want to change to change the color type "color a". Then type "netsh wlan show network mode=bssid" and press enter. It will show you the the list of all available wifi networks.


    3. Select Wifi Network:

                                After second step you will see the list of all available wifi networks. Now you have to select the wifi network you want to hack. For this write down the name of wifi network on any paper or copy it by selecting the name and pressing "CTRL+C" buttons from keyboard.


     4. Connect To Wifi Network:

                              After copying the name/SSID of wifi network type "netsh wlan connect name=(Wifi Name)" replace the wifi network name you have copied in the third step and then press enter. Now wait for a while and you will connected to the wifi network.


     5. Disconnect:

                               The last step is disconnect. If you want to disconnect the wifi network then just type "netsh wlan disconnect" and you will be disconnected.

    Now you can enjoy the free wifi on any time. If you are facing any difficulty feel free to make a comment below and i will definitley help you.

Yes, you can hack wifi password using cmd in windows 10 by following these 5 simple steps only.

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  1. It is continuosly showing
    "There is no such wireless interface on the system."

  2. same here it says that individual wify which i intended to connect is assigned to the specified interface


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