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5 Search Engines For Most Private Browsing


Privacy is the main concern of any internet user. User want most valuable privacy, but unfortunately most of the famous browsers don’t prefer so called privacy. One of the most popular browser and search engine Google is also not good for private browsing. Google always track users searches to provide best result and to hit best matching advertisement. Like google other search engine also do this. But don’t worry if you want most private browsing then sit calmly and read this complete article. 

In this article i will talk about which search engines are best for most private browsing and i will provide you the list of 5 search engines for most private browsing.

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5 Search Engines For Most Private Browsing:

There are many search engines which say that they kept your browsing private, but most of them didn’t do this. I have done research and found some 5 search engines which always keep your browsing private. They are as follows:

  1. Yippy.
  2. Sartpage.
  3. DuckDuckGo.
  4. Gibiru.
  5. WolframAlpha.

 1) Yippy:

In my list Yippy is n0.1 because it really keeps your browsing private. The main feature of yippy is it shows result in different categories and it will automatically mark any inappropriate result. It also don’t show personalized advertisement. It also allows searching of different types of content including images, text jobs, news and videos.

2) Startpage:

Startpage is one of the most private search engines which had really concern about your privacy. It will not track your searches. One of the main feature of start page is it allows you to use proxy servers to prevent sites from tracking/obtaining your ip address or any type of personal information. In simple words it is one of the best search engine fro most private browsing.

3) DuckDuckGo:

DuckDuckGo is also famous as best alternate of google. Because it is one of the fastest search engine which allows you to browse privately. This search engine most popular among those users who want to surf anonymously. This browser is most fastest growing browser. I will suggest you to use DuckDuckGo if you want to surf internet privately.

4) Gibiru:

Gibiru is most fastest search engine because it uses google custom search for providing results. This search engine is also most private and uncensored. This search engine also allows searching of different types of contents.

5) WolframAlpha:

This search engine is also one of the most private search engine which really don’t track your searches. This search engine will provide you the best accurate and matching result.

Over To You:

In this article i have provided you the list of 5 search engines for most private browsing. Don’t download any proxy software because it is so difficult but these search engines are better than any proxy. Feel free to comment below if you have any question about these search engines.

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