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5 Sites To Earn Money Online 2017


Earn money online is the dream of every internet user. But most of them don’t earn money online because they don’t know how to earn money online or they face scam . There are many sites available which claims that they pay money, but most of them are scam or give only few bucks. But no doubt there are many sites available which give huge amount. In this article i will provide a list of 5 sites to earn money online. Freelancing is also one the most common and easy way to earn online but if you specialist in doing work like programming, designing and writing. If you are not specialist of any one of them then you have to find any other simple work like affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable work to do. Reality of earning money online is you must work harder and don’t stop your hardwork until you get success.

You may have knowledge about PTC sites. If you are working on any PTC site like neobux then you must read ” how to earn from neobux” to get success. But i will suggest to check these top 5 easiest ways to make money online because you can’t earn big money with PTC sites. So if you really want to make money online then you must have a website and profiles in all social networking sites to attract and engage with people. 

Many people want to earn online without investment, but the reality is you can earn online without investment if you do hardwork and don’t waste your time in facebook. 

Best Sites To Earn Money Online:

I am going to list top 5 sites which pays in dollars to earn money. Before that refresh your mind so you will learn better.
  1. Adsense
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiver
  4. Odesk
  5. Affiliate Marketing

1) Adsense:

No doubt adsense is best way to earn money without investment or with investment. To earn with adsense you must have a blog/website or a youtube account. In both cases must keep in mind that you have to create unique content to attract people. Because adsense is advertising company of google which has strict policies and if you will not follow policies your adsense account will be disabled. 

If you want to earn online with blog/website then you have to make a perfect SEO friendly blog to get more and more organic traffic. Because without organic traffic you can’t earn big money.  Write SEO friendly blog post to get organic traffic  and place adsense ads inside blog posts to increase CPC which will help you to earn more. Make quality backlinks to to increase PR of your blog. But you have to be patient because attracting visitor to your new blog will take 6 or ore months.

If you want to earn money with youtube then create a youtube channel and start making your videos. Keep in mind, don’t use any video from youtube it sucks. 

2) Freelancer:

Freelancer is the number 1 site for those people who want can do any type of work which can be hired online. In freelancer you can hire or do work by describing your experience and interest. You can easily get work after completely setting up your profile. Become freelancer writer in 5 days and earn huge money. 

Get more and more work and increase rating of your profile to earn more money. You will face difficulty while getting first work on freelancer but when you will get your first project in freelancer then you can easily get second and third project and then you can turn you computer into earning machine. The main tips is always try to get 5 star rating because it wil increase the chance of getting more projects.

3) Fiver:

Some people say that fiver is no. 1 site to earn online, but in my list it is in no. 3. Fiverr is the most common way to earn online by utilizing your abilities and experiences. Fiver is free to use. Fiver is little bit different from freelancer, because in fiver you have to post a Gig in which you will describe the services that you wish to provide for earning money. 

In fiver you can also provide information for payment options. In my opinion use fiver if you had some experience other wise it will the wastage of time and you will earn nothing.

4) Odesk:

It is also a freelancing site but for computer science students. In odesk you can earn huge money if you know about graphic designing or web-development. In odesk there are millions companies which are hiring freelancers and you may may be the one of them. Computer science student can do full time job in odesk. Not even computer science student but those who know programming can earn also.

5) Affiliate Marketing:

One of the best way but difficult way to earn dollars from home. According to Wikipedia Afiiliate marketing is performance based marketing in which you will get business reward for each visitor or customer. For affiliate marketing you must have a website and huge audience in social networking sites for promoting products and attracting customers.

In affiliate marketing you can earn huge money but after working hard and with the passage of time. If you are going to do affiliate marketing then first check these top 10 affiliate marketing site and select one or more than one of them. 
I have provided you the list of 5 sites to earn money online which will help you earn earn money online. These 5 sites are the most best to make money without investment. Now it depends upon you which site you will select to earn online. Feel free to comment below.

Farhan khursheed

Farhan Khursheed is a passionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He loves to write about SEO, Internet tips, and tricks, and earn online. He also loves programming.

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