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Search engine optimization the main thing for best blogging experience and to engage more and more people. Not every one can make Blogspot SEO friendly because it will be difficult for most of us. Many newbies start there blog in blogger and then they migrate towards wordpress because in wordpress there are lots of SEO plugins which makes it easier to make a SEO friendly blog. It is difficult to make a SEO friendly blog in blogspot blogger, but it is not impossible. On-Page SEO is difficult to optimize and in this article i will talk about On-page SEO tips for blogspot blog.

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In my previous article i talked about 10 Killer Blogspot SEO tips for bloggers in which i covered some SEO tips for blogspot blog. But in this article i will show you some tips about On-Page SEO for blogspot. These On-Page SEO tips for blogspot are magical tips, If you had read about SEO tips from another blog then read these SEO tips for blogspot also, may be you are missing something which will be cleared by reading these On-Page SEO tips for blogspot. 

Search engine optimization is the most searched topic in search engines. Because newbies want to learn more and more about SEO to make there blog SEO friendly that’s why i am sharing these On-Page SEO tips with you. Blogspot SEO is the most difficult topic to write about, but i will make it easier for you to learn blogspot On-Page SEO tips.

There are lots of thing which can be optimized for search engines in blogspot blog. But these On-Page SEO tips will cover all of them. You may have heared about blogspot SEO plugin, but trust me there is no Plugin for blogspot SEO because blogspot don’t support any SEO plugin. It is just a piece of code with meta tags and they are calling it blogspot SEO plugin.

Lets start our topic which is On-Page SEO tips for blogspot. Here i will tell you 7 On-Page SEO tips for blogspot. Which is the complete On-Page SEO for blogspot.

On Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Tips for Blogspot Blog

 Here are some of most useful On-Page SEO tips for blogspot. Trust me if you will apply all these On-Page SEO tips in your blogspot blog then your blogspot blog will be a trust worthy for search engines.

  1. Optimize blogspot blog post title
  2. Internal Links
  3. Load Time
  4. Image Optimization
  5. Robots.txt
  6. Robots header tags
  7. Search Engine Submission 

1) How To Optimize Blogspot Blog Post Title

By default blogspot blog post title is not optimized for search engines and in search results your blog title will be shown before post title. So we have to optimize blogspot blog post title for SEO. Which can easily be optimized by this simple steps:

  • How to Show Post Title First In Search Result:

            Go to template and search for this:  <data:blog.pageTitle/>

           After you find this, replace this line with this:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

  • How To Make SEO Friendly blogspot Blog Post Title: 

    Now you have to make your blogspot post title SEO friendly. Because it has huge impact on blogspot SEO. To make a SEO friendly blog post title, you must have to add keywords in blogspot posts title and unique. Your blogspot post title must be attractive for the visitors. In your blogspot blog template must edit your post title as h1. So that you will notice a big change in search engine results. These are the all thing which will make your blogspot SEO good.

2) Internal and External Links

If you have not enough high quality backlinks, then you must add more internal links in your blogspot posts. Including more internal links in your blog posts will cover the problem of less backlinks. But for blogspot SEO you have to add nofollow tag in all internal and external links. So the bots will never crawl these links and it will be considered as the backlinks to the other linked pages. Remember one thing add links where they should be placed like related posts of the topic and don’t add unrelated links in posts. It will decrease your credibility. Internal links in blogspot post is the useful blogspot SEO tips which must be applied if you want to make your blogspot SEO friendly.

3) Load Time

If you have wrote high quality posts and you have enough backlinks and you have applied all blogspot SEO tips but, your load time is long then your visitor will close your blog and never come back again. Don’t add popups in your blogspot blog, if i will be a visitor of your blog i will close your blog. Decreasing load time will also reduce your bounce rate which every blogger need. Many of you think that load time is not a blogspot SEO tip, but trust me it is one of the main blogger SEO tip which you can’t drop if you really want to make your blogspot SEO friendly. Install alexa toolbar in your browser to see the load time of your blog or check it from here.

4) Image Optimization

Some you you may think that images are only to make content more responsive and attractive. But you are not right because images play vital role in blogspot SEO. As i have mentioned above that there are not very much features in blogger for SEO. So in blogspot we must have to optimize images for search engines. Now the question is how? You can easily optimize your blogspot images by adding title and alt title from the properties of images.

5) Robots.txt

One of the main thing for blogspot SEO. Basically robots.txt are to communicate with search engines bots. With the help of robots.txt we can allow or disallow bots from crawling blog pages. The custom robots.txt for blogger is SEO friendly and you can use it as i am with any hesitation. Example of custom robots.txt is this:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

6) Robots Header Tags

In my previous article i talked about Robots header tags . It is one of the main setting for blogspot SEO. For blogspot SEO robots header tags must be used correctly and if you don’t know how to use this feature then don’t touch it. I teach you how to add header tags in blogspot. You can learn it from here. Custom Robots Header Tags for Blogspot.

7) Search Engine Submission 

After applying all blogspot SEO tips than you have to submit your blogspot blogs in search engines like google, bing and yandex. You can also submit your blog in other search engines. But google, bing and yandex are must. Submit you sitemap in all search engines to tell search engines about your blog. You can also use the “fetch as google” in google webmaster to get indexed quickly.


I have provided you the best blogspot SEO tips which must be followed to make your blog SEO friendly. Don’t drop any one these blogspot SEO tips. Apply all these blogspot SEO tips on our blogspot blog and see the results after one week.

Don’t forget to give your feedback below about these SEO tips.

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