Best WordPress SEO Plugins In 2017


If you want to increase the exposure and traffic to your blog or website, these 5 WordPress plugins will have you to achieve that in slightly different ways. We will take a look at the plugin and describe how it will help with SEO for your website or blog.

Since WordPress is considered one of the best platforms to manage content for SEO purposes, you are already ahead of the game. These SEO plugins will help you get the most out of your WordPress site.

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5 Best SEO Plugins Of WordPress In 2017:

 1- Yoast SEO Plugin


 This is probably one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. This plugin is FREE and you get everything you need to optimize your website such as XML Sitemap.

With this plugin you will know that your content has all the SEO requirements BEFORE you post it. Yoast will walk you through every element of your content so that it is SEO ready by the time you post it.
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2-All In One SEO Pack


This is also a very popular WordPress SEO plugin. It has everything you need to make your WordPress site SEO friendly for the search engines. The basic plugin has everything you need, but there are advanced options for the more sophisticated users.

 This plug in instantly optimizes the titles of your posts for the search engines. It also generates META tags automatically, provides support for XML Sitemaps and Google Analytics and much more. It is all set up to go from the very beginning and is easy for newbies to use.

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 3-Social SEO Booster


You cannot ignore the importance optimizing your WordPress site for the social networks. Social signals are important to Google for rankings. This plugin instantly sets up Rich Snippets Tagging for your posts and performs seamlessly with the previous two plugins.

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This plugin creates content which is search spider and human friendly. This allows you to keep your visitors engaged and help improve your rankings at the same time.

 This plugin provides SEO stats, SEO audits every week and find the best keywords that will drive more traffic to your site.
You get real time SEO advice as you are writing and editing your content.

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 5-SEO Internal Links


Internal links are very important when it comes to the overall optimization of your WordPress site. Internal links allow the search engines to scan and index your content efficiently.

 This internal link plugin links phrases and keywords to other posts or pages within your WordPress site. The result is a well linked website, which the search engines love and will automatically rank your website higher.
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Note:Use any or all of the above best WordPress SEO plugins to help your site rank higher and get more visitors.

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