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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for any website. Without SEO, you can’t get any audience. In other words, seo is the back bone of website or blog. In this post, we talk about blogger seo tips. There are two types of SEO. First one is off page seo and the other one is on page seo. In this section, we only discuss best seo tips of on page seo. On Page SEO is basically your website or blog outlook. It includes your blog template styles, side bar widgets, post optimization etc. On the other hand, off page seo includes back links, html tags etc. If you want to see your blog in the first page of search engines then you should improve your blog seo. On page Seo and Off page seo are both equally important. Simply, if your blog is not view by people then your blog has no value. So learn some seo tips from this post. Now let’s talk about on page seo. 

Blogger SEO Tips

SEO is very important to make your blog view able by search engines. Search engine ranking also depends on seo. If you blog is on first page then you definitely get visitors but coming on fist page is little bit difficult. You will come on first page by improving seo of your blog. There are several things in on page seo. we discuss all the things separately. 

  1. Domain
  2. Blog Title
  3. Posts 
  4. Templates
  5. Content
  6. Keywords

 1) Domain

Domain are very important. You should check domain popularity before setting it on your blog. You can check through different tools. Also write your suggested domain  in google keyword planner tool and also in google search engine and check the search results. From this, you will able to find that how many people searching for that keyword. So suggest such domain name, which are popular. 

 2) Blog Title

Blog title is another important thing for seo. You should pick blog title very unique which best describe your blog. A blog title describe your whole content for example this is my site Info’s Planet, the title describe my site that this website is related to information. Its planet of information. So choose best title for your blog.

 3) Posts And Side Bar

Use keyword planner tool for picking up a keywords of post tilte. Post title is the main thing, which user search on search engines. Use google keyword planner tool and find the best keywords of your post title. Its play important role in seo. When you pick some title then also write it on google. From this, you will able to know that how much visitors searching for this particular keywords. Side bars is also very important. look this image, there are unique post titles and also headings for side bar widgets. Popular post is important widget through which visitor can easily finds some other stuff on your blog or website. When you write your post, make attractive thumbnail. When your thumbnail is good then definitely a person clicks on it. Its similar to youtube. When there was an attractive thumbnail, user click that video. So these are some of the tips of post and side bar seo.

 4) Templates

Template is one of the main thing in seo. Your template should be like that in which a visitor find information easily. Look at the image below. This is my site. You can see that all the things are simply design. There is a decent header with a search box in it. Menu bar is also there, through which visitor can find information related to any topic easily. Post template is also very nice.There is enough thumbnail space and description of the post is also there. You can customize your template like this. Side bar is also design in quite beautiful way. Every thing in this template is perfect. So the reason of this explanation is that you should search for your desire theme and then customize it according to you. You can also change colors of any thing in your template. You can also learn from this blog soon that how to customize template of blogger.

 5) Use Orignal Content

You should always, always make sure to bring the best possible content towards your readers. If you create original, helpful posts and prefer quality over quantity- you’re on the right way. Don’t forget to use original photography too, you can also share videos, podcasts or valuable freebies with your audience. All of this will help search engines to see your website as worthy and that will definitely help you get better SEO score.

6) Use Keywords

You need to use relevant keywords if you want to be found on Google and other search engines. It doesn’t have to be one word, you can use a combination of words and use it all over your blog’s content.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be spammy, but try to use your keywords in several places if possible, such as:

  • Titles + Headlines (use SEO friendly post titles & keyword rich include paragraph titles into your posts)
  • Meta Description (this is the short info displayed under your blog’s title in search results)
  • Beginning of your posts (include keywords organically into your post’s content)
  • Your post URL (if you already included your keywords in the post title- it should come up on the URL too)
  • Alt-Text of your post’s images (simply click on the image within your posts editor to get an option of adding an alternative text to your image).

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