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Search engines use search robots. They recognize the updates on your sites and notify search engines about updates on your site. With the help of proper robots tag we can allow or disallow bots crawlers for search results of your site in search engines. These custom robots header tags will help you gaining organic traffic from google.

 Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogspot Blog: 

Blogger users must set robots header tags for blogspot blog to increase search visibilty in search engines. These robots header tags for Blogspot blog are responsible for visibility in search results.

Before proceeding forward learn something about robots header tags.

Custom Robots Header Tags:

There are many robots header tags for blogspot, before setting robots header tags you must have to learn about robots header tags and their purpose.

There are almost 10 robots header tags for blogspot:

  1. all
  2. noindex
  3. nofollow
  4. none
  5. noarchieve
  6. nosnippet
  7. noodp
  8. notranslate
  9. noimageindex
  10. unavailable_after

1) all 

This tag will allow crawlers to crawl your site freely and expose your content.

2) noindex

 If you want to make your blog private and don’t want to expose your blog then use this tag.

3) nofollow

This tag is for outbound links which you will share in your blog. nofollow tag will disallow crwalers to crawl outbound links.

4) none

none tag is between nofollow and dofollow. Means crawlers will not index and not skim outbound links.

5) noarchieve

This tag will turn off the cached version of your blog in search engine.

6) nosnippet

The text or description shown in search result is called snippet. Snippet helps people to find out what your page is about. nosnippet robots header tag is used to turn off the snippet in search results.

7) noodp

D-moz is a man made directory of websites. Google uses information from there sometimes. You can turn off this feature by using this tag.

8) notranslate

If you want to disable translation on your site then use this tag.

9) noimageindex

If you don’t want to allow bots to crawl your images then use this tag.

10) unavailable_after

By using this tag bots will never index again after this time.

These all are the robots header tags for blogspot blog. 

Setup Robots Header Tags In Blogger:

As this post is about custom robots header tags for blogspot blog, So lets start.

Step#1: Go to and select your blog.

Step#2: Now go to settings and then search preference. Then you will see custom robots header tags and click on edit.



 Step#3: Now you have to enable it.


Step#4: Now you will see a complicated set of check boxes. See the image below and check boxes according to the image below.


This is the custom robots header tags for blogspot blogger blog. Now you have successfully enabled robots header tags for blogspot. 

 Final Words:

 Trust me these custom robots header tags will increase search visibility and organic traffic also. Don’t check any other boxes in robots header tags until you know about that robot header tag.

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