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Who Visited My Facebook Profile [Check Now]

Check who visited Facebook Profile

It is the concern of many Facebook users ” can I find who visited my facebook profile ” and they want to check who visited my facebook profile. Yes you can see who visited your facebook profile. 

No doubt Facebook is the no.1 social networking site. It allows you to connect with your friends and share pictures, videos and send messages. Facebook now also allows video chat for free. Facebook provides different features to the users, but there is no such option available to find who has visited my profile. But according to my little research there is a method through which you can find who viewed your profile. There are many third party software available online but don’t use any one of them they will steal your password. 


I wrote this article because lots of people are searching in google for “who visited my Facebook profile”. When i started my research to find who visited my profile, I find a method which is typical for those who had no knowledge of HTML. If you don’t know about HTML then no problem, I will teach you an easy way to find out who visited your Facebook profile.

Many girls are curious to find who has visited her profile. So this article will be helpful for girls.

Find Who Visited My Facebook Profile:

Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Right click any where on your Facebook profile.
  3. Now select “view page source”.
  4. Press CTRL+F button and a search box will appear on the top.
  5. Now paste this :  View page Source   and press enter.
  6. Then you will see Facebook ID’s like this (1000823748).
  7. Copy any one ID.
  8. Paste this ID after  Example:
  9. Now the profile will open of that person who has visited your Facebook profile.

Note: Check all ID’s to see all those persons who visited my Facebook Profile.

Now you have learned how to check who visited my Facebook profile and now you can see who views your facebook. See who views your facebook and apply privacy if there are unknown persons who viewe your Facebook profile.

Now you are free to post your opinion below.

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Farhan Khursheed is a passionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He loves to write about SEO, Internet tips, and tricks, and earn online. He also loves programming.

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