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How To Fix Corrupt USB Pendrive [USB Format]

Fix Corrupt USB Pendrive

Has your USB is corrupted or stop working suddenly? Don’t worry I will show you how to fix corrupt USB pendrive using CMD. In my other previous articles, I had also talked about CMD. CMD is the most useful and powerful tool of windows. With the help of CMD, you can easily fix corrupt USB.

Almost all people use USB for moving or storing files. I sure that most of you had also faced this problem of corrupt USB. But none of you know how to fix corrupt USB pendrive. But don’t worry I am here to help you. I will show an easy method to fix corrupt USB pendrive.

Corrupt USB can be fixed easily using CMD. But the main thing to know about this method for fixing corrupt USB is, in this method, we will format USB using CMD. So keep in mind that your files and data will be deleted from USB.

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How To Fix Corrupt USB Pendrive – USB format

You can easily fix corrupt USB pendrive by following these simple steps.
  1. Connect USB with a computer.
  2. Open CMD by pressing “WIN+R” buttons.
  3. Now type this in CMD.  


  4. Now type this in CMD. It will show you the list of all storage devices connected to your PC.  

    list disk

  5. Now type this and change the number with the number of your USB device in the list.  

    select disk <number of your disk>


  6. Now type this to clean the USB.  


  7. Now you have to create the partition in USB. So type this:  

    creates partition primary

  8. Now type active and press Enter.
  9. Now select the partition by typing this in CMD:  

    select partition 1

  10. Now the final step is to format the USB. for this type this code. If your USB is size is greater than 4 GB then format USB as NTFS.  

    format fs=fat32

Now you have successfully fixed corrupted USB and you corrupt USB pendrive is now ready to use. See the entire process and this picture to understand it.


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Over To You:

I have shown you how to fix corrupt USB pendrive. This entire process to fix corrupt USB pendrive is 100% safe and risk-free. During this entire process to fix corrupt USB pendrive your USB drive will be safe. There are many other methods for fixing corrupt USB. If you know about any other method tell me in a comment or you can email me. 


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