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How To Change Facebook Theme Color


As we all know Facebook is the biggest social networking site. Facebook helps people to connect with each other and share their pictures, videos and messages. Many people are addict of using Facebook like me. Facebook is introducing new and amazing things for the users for making their experience better with Facebook. But the limitation is you can’t change Facebook theme color. But their is a trick to change Facebook Theme color. This article is basically a tutorial on ” how to change Facebook Theme Color “.

You can change Facebook theme color if you know about CSS. But if you will change Facebook theme color directly from CSS then it will not permanently changed. When you refresh or reload Facebook then the Facebook theme color will be restored. But in this tutorial i will how you how to change Facebook Color Theme permanently, but you can restore it when you want.

The main thing about changing the Facebook theme color is, Facebook theme color will be changed only for you and only you will see this change. Your friends and other Facebook users will see the default Facebook theme color.

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How To Change Facebook Theme Color:

There are two different ways to change Facebook Theme Color for google chrome and mozilla firefox. So lets start.

How To Change Facebook Theme Color In Google Chrome:

To change Facebook Color Theme in google chrome just follow these instructions:
  1. Install stylish extension for chrome from here: Install Stylish Now
  2. Now log in to your Facebook account and click on S button on the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Now choose the theme you want to install for Facebook.
  4. After installing a theme for Facebook again go to Facebook and see the changes.
  5. If you want restore default Facebook theme just turn off the stylish.

How To Change Facebook Theme Color In Mozilla Firefox:

To change Facebook theme color in Facebook just follow these simple instructions:
  1. Open firefox and install Stylish addon for firefox: Install Stylish Addon Now
  2. After installing stylish addon in firefox restart your firefox browser.
  3. Now go to Facebook and click on  S button.
  4. Install the theme you like.
  5. Now again reload the Facebook page and you will see the changes.
  6. If you want to restore the default Facebook theme color just turn the stylish addon off.

Over To You:

I have listed two different methods for google chrome and firefox to change Facebook color theme. Now you can change Facebook color theme to enjoy using Facebook. If you are facing any problem just comment below.

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