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How To Hide Files Inside Images


There are many ways to hide important or private files on the computer. But some of them are not very secure and effective. You may hide files and folders with the help of folder options from control panel which is the most common way used to hide files. But anyone can see these files by just enabling ” show hidden files and folders “. So hiding files through this methods is not the very effective way.

There is much software available for free to hide files in the windows. Some of them also allow you to create a password for some special files or folders. but had you really thought about to hide files inside images, I guess most of the people get shocked when they come to know about hiding files inside images. Even some of them don’t believe that this could happen. But this is the real and working method I have used and checked this method before sharing it with you.

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As my other previous articles, I had talked about CMD. In this article, I will also talk about CMD to hide files inside images. You can hide files inside images, not even files you can also hide folder and text documents inside images. If you will hide files inside images then your files will be safe and secured. Because most of the people don’t know about this trick to hide files inside images. So let’s start. 

Note: This method for hiding files inside images is 100% secure and risk-free.

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How To Hide Files Inside Images:

  1. Create a folder in C drive and name it as hide.
  2. Now move the files you want to hide and image also in which you will hide files to the folder hide.
  3. Now compress the files you want to hide inside image and name it as hide.rar.
  4. Now open CMD by pressing WIN+R button.
  5. Now type this:  


  6. Now type or paste this code:  

    cd hide

  7. Now type or paste this:  

    copy /b image name.JPG + hide.rar imagename.jpg

  8. note: change image name with your image name and rar file name also if you have saved rar file as another name.

  9. Now you have successfully hidden files inside images.
  10. You can delete the files which you have hidden inside image from the folder.
Now the question is how to see the hidden files inside images. 

How To See Hidden Files Inside Images:

To see the hidden files inside images just follow these instructions:
  1. Move the cursor on the image in which you have hidden files.
  2. Now right click on it.
  3. Move cursor to “Open With” and then click on RAR Archive.
  4. Now you can see the files.


I had shown you a very effective and secure method to hide files inside images. Now you can easily hide your files inside images and nobody can see it. Only you will be able to see these files. I hope you enjoy this article. 
If you are facing any problem kindly comment below I will do my best to solve your problem.

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