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How To Increase Battery Timing/life Of Laptop


Now a days every one has it’s own laptop. There are many features of laptop computer. As their are many features, so it’s user’s are also facing some types of problems. Battery timing is one of them. This portable computer will be piece of junk if it’s battery is dead. Low battery timing is one of the main problem of laptop users. In this article i will talk about how to increase battery timing of laptop. 

How To Increase Battery Timing Of Laptop:

There are many tips which can be followed to increase battery timing of laptop, which are as follows:
  1. Close Unnecessary Programs/Processes.
  2. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  3. Use Virtual Drive instead of CD or DVD.
  4. Reduce Brightness.
  5. Charge Battery With Low Voltage.

1) Close Unnecessary Programs/Processes.

Unnecessary processes are the main reason for decreasing battery timing. You have to check for unnecessary background processes which may be using high RAM, So to free up some RAM close these all processes. Like number of active windows, any antivirus, downloading software’s(IDM, Utorrent) and number of tabs in browser.

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2) Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also may be the cause for reducing battery timing. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled by default. Most of the users don’t use Bluetooth of laptop, So disable Bluetooth for saving some energy of battery. But most of us use Wi-Fi which can also eat battery timing. It will be not possible for most of users to disable Wi-Fi, but if you want to increase battery timing you have to disable Wi-Fi for some instant of time.

3) Use Virtual Drive.

 Use of CD/DVD drive will fastly reduce battery timing because it uses mechanical spinning motor for reading CD’s. As we all know mechanical devices use much energy than an electronic device. So don’t insert any type of CD or DVD. Alternately you can use virtual drive(USB) because it is an electronic device which definitely take low energy as compare to CD/DVD drive.

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4) Reduce Brightness.

For increasing battery timing you can reduce brightness. Reducing brightness is one of the easiest and effective way to increase battery timing of laptop. The more brightness will be low the more battery timing will be. Reducing brightness is also health friendly specially for your eye’s.

5) Charge Battery With Low Voltage.

Some time we often charge battery for several hours but it also not helps for increasing battery timing. If you really want to increase battery timing of laptop, you have to charge your battery with the voltage lower than the voltage you normally charge to ensure that the battery is fully charge. Don’t use this trick regularly, but you can use this trick once in a week to increase battery timing.

Some More Tips To Increase Battery Timing Of Laptop,

I have listed some best and effective tricks to increase battery timing of laptop. You can also follow some other tips to increase and ensure maximum battery timing for laptop. Which include: 
  • Don’t play games while your charger is plugged OFF.
  • Don’t use high graphics.
  • Use touch pad instead of external mouse.
  • Don’t surf internet widely when you are using laptop in battery.
If you will follow all these tips, then it’s sure that battery timing of laptop will increase respectively. If you have some other ideas or tips which can be useful for increasing battery timing of laptop mention them in comment.

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