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Hey Folks, As we know Google Adsense is most popular advertising based networks run by Google officially. More clearly, its a CPC (Cost Per Click) ad network which means whenever Google ad receive single click, adsense can generate revenue through user clicks and you will be paid accordingly. And more about Google Adsense (Read Wiki) and now here today we have to discuss how to increase google adsense cpc. This is big even massive problems thus creates headache for those bloggers/webmasters who have Google adsense account and having low or steady traffics on their site and unfortunately they are getting very low cpc like $0.1 or $0.2 so on..

Mostly, Adsense pays low cpc due to low quality contents or sometimes our contents didn’t have high volumes in search engines and therefore adsense start showing low cpc ads on such content pages. But what if we have all those and still getting low cpc from adsense for long ? For this purpose, today I brought to you one of amazing legal trick to increase adsense cpc instantly. All you have need to do is follow the below listed steps.
Boost Your Adsense Cpc Instantly
If you have some large numbers of traffics getting from search engines and especially from UK,USA and Canada then adsense is for you without searching for any tips and tricks to boost your cpc. Otherwise you will have to apply all possible tricks to increase cpc from $0.1 to $1 or $3 maximum.
Ok, now let move to the main steps that will help you in getting some decent cpc for sure.
1 : First of all you will need to download & install toolbar called Google Publisher Toolbar from chrome store which is officially made by Google.
2:  After added it to chrome, yo will see small icon right above corner of your screen. Now click on icon (the drop down menu will be appear)and login with your adsense account by clicking Enable button.
3: You will see much more information while clicking on Google Publisher Toolbar  icon when drop down menu prompt and leave all those things for now and just enable Ad Overlays ON.
4: Now Ad overlays option will cover the ads surface with a coating and dont be afraid of invalid activity. This is the Google own toolbar and now then simply open
5: Now come back to your site and click one of your ad, Google publisher Toolbar will open ad details and then copy that ad url.
6: Now come again to ,  paste the url in search box and search country wise accordingly.
7:  As you see the ad offer very low cpc so all we have to do is block that ad by using pop up ad detail (block button at the bottom of adsense creative ) and you will never see it again. (see screen shot above)
8: So find out all low cpc ads using above method and then simply block it wisely. Only leave the high cpc ads so you can enjoy Google adsense in a right way.


This is legal way to increase CPC of adsense ads.You can use this method and is safe to use.If you know another method of increasing adsense CPC then tell me in comment.

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