How To Increase RAM Of Android Phone Using SD Card

Now a days every one has own android phone. New applications are coming and every android phone user want to use them like games. But while playing games on android phone many user face the problem of insufficient RAM. Due to which they can’t enjoy new games. Many android phone get hang and users have to restart them which is difficult. So in this article i will talk about how to increase RAM of android phone using sd card. This is the easiest way to increase RAM of any android phone because sd card is easily available.


How To Increase RAM Of Android Phone Using SD Card:

  To increase the RAM of your android phone you have follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Play Store in your android phone.
  2. Search and install Memory Info & Swapfile Check in your android phone.
  3. Connect SD card of 4 GB or higher.
  4. Search and install ROEHSOFT RAM-Expander from play store.
  5. Open ROEHSOFT RAM-Expander app in your android phone.
  6. After opening it tap on swap active and create a swap file and enable it.
  7. Now tap on active swap.
  8. Now the RAM of android phone is increase.
  9. Disable swap mode to reset your RAM.

Is Increasing RAM Of Android Phone Is Dangerous?

               Your question is valid, but i am giving insurance that increasing RAM through this method is 100% safe. I have also increased RAM of my android phone. So don’t worry!!. 

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