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Loading Program In C Programming Graphics


In c programming graphics you can easily create a program of loading by using loops and conditions. In this tutorial, I will provide you loading program in c programming graphics. 

It can be used at the start of any program to show that your program is made by a good programmer. This program is very simple and easy. It can also be placed in any other c program easily. 

Loading Program In C Programming Graphics:

Code of loading program in c programming graphics is this: 


void main(void)
 int driver=DETECT, mode;

        int i;

initgraph(&driver,&mode,”c:\TURBOC3\bgi”);   //initialize graphics mode
   textcolor(BLACK);      //background color

         moveto(200,180);        //loading process
  outtext(“Loading, please wait…”);
      setcolor(3);            //loading bar color
      delay(150);         //slow down loop speed
  outtext(“Loading Completed!”);   //loading process complete
       closegraph();               //close graphics mode




Features Of Loading Program:

The main features of loading program in c programming graphics are:
  • You will learn about graphics in c programming.
  • You will be able to use for loops in c programs.
  • You will know about the move to function.
  • Out text function is also used in this program.
  • Delay function is used in this program.
  • Set color function is used.


The main aim of providing loading program is to increase your abilities for programming. This code will help you making and decorating your assignments of c programming.
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