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Top 10 Freelancing Sites To Earn From Home in 2017


Are you one of those people who would like to earn money without having to leave your home? With just a computer and an internet connection, you can earn a good amount of money from your home. Making money is not so easy. You should be well determined and completely focused on what you are doing to become successful on the internet. Blogging, online marketing, freelancing are some ways you can earn money. Freelancing is a very good way to earn money online. Although freelancing is not a stable job, with a lot of job experience, your demand on the internet will sky rocket.  As digital nomad lifestyle is growing more popular, these freelance websites have risen to the top.

Top 10 Freelancing Sites In 2017.

The below mentioned websites are top freelancing websites for those skilled individuals who want to earn by working independently.

  • Freelancer.
  • Task Rabit.
  • Get A Coder.
  • Amazon Mturk.
  • PickCrew.
  • Crowd Spring.
  • People Per Hour.
  • 99Design.
  • ZZ.
  • Evanto Market.


Freelancer has been around since 2004 and it offers a lot of projects that you can take up. Here, you have to make a bid for contests that the employers put on the website. This way, the employer can pick the right candidate based on his/her talent and experience.

2-Task Rabbit

The Task Rabbit website is the best online platform to get the domestic work done. This website specially helps them who have no one around to assist for the domestic tasks. It is a cellular platform that presents small works to people who are in need. Through Task Rabbit independently working individuals offer domestic tasks such as washing the house, moving out to get something or preparing furniture.
If willing to work with Task Rabbit an individual has to submit an application mentioning the expertise. Once the website is satisfied about the efficiency of the applicant following a screening, the individual can begin accepting the tasks from people. The cellular app of the website facilitates the individuals to remain connected with their customers. The app also enables the client to specify their requirement to the individuals willing to offer domestic help and get proper remuneration. Since Task Rabbit came into existence in 2008, the website is offering quality service to get the assignment performed.

3-Get A Coder

Through the Get a Coder online freelance website you can get designers, developers and the writers. Here you can find best among the independently working programmers, designers and the writers. Once you advertise a free project on this website, offers from individuals start pouring in immediately.
The motive of Get a Coder is to offer best possible service with competitive price, specially, to small business and the independent professionals. On this website you can find millions of small jobs and small scale jobs.

4-Amazon Mturk

One among the latest websites that came into existence in 2013, the Amazon Mechanical Turk is known as Amazon Mturk or mturk in common parlance. This is a kind of website where variety of jobs apart from computer work, have been listed. Mturk is a platform where ‘human intelligence tasks’ abbreviated as HIT has been listed. The HIT include more than 3,00,000 jobs like doing photography of a physical store, product descriptions and others for the Mturk workers. However, the clients are limited to US-based services.
Here the client can take the service of Mechanical Turk or the Mturk workers for HIT by posting the physical task. The client has the option to make payment only after getting satisfied with the performance of task. Independently working individuals can earn by working on HIT proposals. Here the working hours are not fixed but are flexible and the working individual can get the option to finish the task even at home as per convenience.


PickCrew is one of the excellent service providers that offers services such as designing and branding of an app or the website. Through this website the client can develop a fresh website or the app and even revamp the previously existent design. When a client posts a project for branding of a website or the app the PickCrew website prepares estimated financial plan and provides three finest designers or developers for the job. The client can do screening of the three selected individuals and finally select designer or the developer for the project.
The independently working individuals can work on special and exclusive project by submission of a plan on the website. After the application is submitted, PickCrew gets in touch with the individual. Prior to allotting the project, the website queries about features of the previously handled projects. The website has a careers page where one can find whole-timer and the amateur or part-time writers and the programme designers. If the project is completed through this website, 15% share is charged for the same.


Although not too old, this website is an excellent platform for the independently working logo and the graphic designers who are creative in their work. CrowdSpring that came into existence in 2007 is the platform for innovative services. Here the client can opt for two options, ‘work with the crowd’ or ‘find your perfect creative’. The ‘work with the crowd’ option enables a client to advertise a project, its proposed remuneration and wait for the proposals by designers. Once the designers post their proposal, the client can select a design of choice. The ‘work with the crowd’ option has the facility of 100% cash refund if the client is not satisfied with the design. The ‘find your perfect creative’ option provides an opportunity to the client to select one among more than 1,78,000 creative designers and work with them on a one-to-one basis.


This is a freelancing website which has web based projects. PeoplePerHour is a perfect place for Web designers, developers, marketers and SEO specialists to show off their talents. Their wesite boats that all freelancers of PeoplePerHour are quality checked, the projects here cost less than what digital agencies would price you and so on.


This is a platform where freelance designers can showcase their talents and increase their reputation. Here, the Client puts up a brief description of the job, and freelance designers submit their work. The best work is chosen and the designer with the best work gets the price.


You join as a freelance or employer. Freelancers are the stars of the show at ZZ. Joining ZZ you become part of an exclusive team. Its easy if you require work then create your profile as freelancer if you require freelancer for you project from all over the world then join as employer.
ZZ regularly run free events and meetups for Freelancers and Employers make the world a better digital world.

10-Evanto Market

This is a place of top digital assets and services. So, if you need for your next creative project then this marketplace for you, there 9 millions digital products created by global community of website developers, designers, application coders, graphics designers, photographers, video and audio producers.

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