Use Wifi-Map For Hacking Passwords


Wifi-Map is a android application. This tool is made to detect the wifi password of various public places or in some cases personal wifi networks. Thing to understand about it is that, this application is not a hacking tool, But this application(Wifi-Map) will show you the wifi passwords of protected networks but are shared networks and every one can use them. This wifi-map will not hack the wifi passwords, if you want to do so, then see this article: How to Hack Wifi Passwords Using CMD in windows 10. You can use wifi-map to hac wifi password from your android mobile.

No doubt wifi is the most easiest way for communication. But you can’t use it if you don’t know the password of wifi so,

How to Use Wifi-Map For Hacking Passwords:

 You can hack/see the password of any protected network of public place using wifi-map on you android. You can see the password by following just these 4 easiest steps.

  1. Install Wifi-Map On Your Android:

                                 The first step you have to do is install wifi-map on your android, for this you can type wifi-map on play store or you can download it from here:

Click Here: Download Wifi-Map.

      2. Open Wifi-Map:

                               After installing Wifi-Map on your android, Open it. After opening you may see a message that location is not enabled on your device, so you have to enable location sensor of your android from setting if it not enabled otherwise leave this step.

       3. Select/Search for nearest Wifi Hotspot:

                                 After opening Wifi-Map you will see a map of your location similar like google map, But on map you will see several wifi hotspots. Thing you have to do is select the nearest wifi hotspot. After selecting click on wifi network you will see the details of the selected wifi hotspot. In details you will find the password of the selected wifi hotspot. Note down the password or copy it on clipboard.

         4. Connect to selected Wifi Hotspot: 

                           The final and main step is to connect with selected wifi-hotspot using the password you have copied or noted. For this go to wifi setting and search for the wifi hotspot you have selected in Wifi-Map. After finding the selected wifi hotspot connect to it with the password you have copied.

Congratulations, you are successfully connected with the Wifi hotspot. Now you can use this wifi Network for free. Enjoy…….                             

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