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What Is BuySellAds Pro And How To Get Approved

Many bloggers think that most easiest way to earn from blog is google adsense, this is true but the requirements of google adsense are very high. Newbies when apply for adsense and their applicaton is rejected they get disappointed even many bloggers end blogging. But approval by adsense through your blog is now possible wait a minute it’s not easy you have do lots of thing like first you have to make perfect SEO friendly blog and also care for these 12 things to do before applying for adsense. If your blog is approved by adsense then you have to think about how to earn big from adsense for which you have to add adsense ads inside posts and one of the most important thing is CPC (Cost Per Click), the more CPC will be higher the more you earn. I have a latest trick through which you can increase CPC. See this post for more details: How to increase google adsense CPC. If your blog is not approved by google adsense then you can also earn from youtube and adsense. See this post for more details: How to earn from youtube and adsense.

Don’t worry if your blog has enough content and you are not getting approved by adsense. One of the best alternative of adsense is BuySellAds, you may think that Infolinks is the best alternative of adsense. It may be but not if you have lots of visitors. There are 5 advance techniques to monetize your blog, BuySellAds is one of them.This is most dominating advertising platform. It has all his tails up because yesterday they launch a new monetizing platform called BuySellads PRO. It is a new innovative service that would provide much flexible and smarter earning opportunities to Professional websites. BuySellAds PRO consolidates lots of Tools used by site owners into a single interface. The company says that the publishers were so upset with the ad serving from one service, Payment via PayPal, and so keeping in mind they build this tool. Using BuySellAds publishers would be able to sale direct ads, programmatic ad sales, and could make use of advance serving in one place.

Being a BuySellAds Publishers there is no need of any modification because their current interface and services are extremely outstanding, but to take it to the next level it’s vital to have a Professional looking interface with buckets full of features. 

Key Features Of BUYSELLADS:

Though, there are countless features in this new platform, but following are the foremost key points that make it better than others.

  1. Sell Direct: It allows selling ad directly without a middle person involving in it. 
  2. Custom: Fully customizable and scalable solution for your business model.    
  3. Simple Serving: The interface is flexible and allows tracking statistics up to seconds.
  4. Programmatic: Connects inventory directly with the advertisers to make spotless decisions. 
  5. Marketplace Connection: Allows connecting with BuySellAds Market inventory to magnetize tons of targeted advertisers. 
  6. Sell Across Any Medium: It doesn’t matters whether a person owns a website, mobile site or in-app for tablets and smartphones because it supports all platforms.
  7. Scheduling Ads: Just like a person schedules his articles on his website so it can publish automatically on a selected date and time. Similarly, BuySellAds PRO allows users to select an appropriate time and date to start serving their specific advertisement.

How to get approved from BUYSELLADS PRO:

BuySellAds Team has mentioned in their Sign up form that they are looking for serious and large publishes. Therefore, if anyone who is a member of BuySellAds marketplace has to reapply for the PRO Account if he has heaps of traffic on his website. To request an invite do as follows.

  • Go to BuySellads PRO.
  • Select “Ready to go PRO? Let’s talk”.
  • Fill out the Form i.e. Full name, Website URL, Description and email. 
  • After filling the form correct press the Submit button to finish the process.

You have completed the process, now wait for two to three business days and you will get a email of confirmation. If you are facing any problem feel free to tell me by making a comment below, I will definitely help you. 

Farhan khursheed

Farhan Khursheed is a passionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He loves to write about SEO, Internet tips, and tricks, and earn online. He also loves programming.

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