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Why Is My Internet So Slow Fixed


I have talked allot about CMD in my previous articles and like my some previous article, today I will show you how to fix why is my internet so slow using CMD. I always talk about CMD because it is one of the most useful and powerful tools of the windows. 

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The Internet is the most useful technology of this modern age. We all use internet for different purposes. Some of us use it for social gathering but some of us use it for learning new things. How bad it would be if you have slow internet and I can guess internet running slow would be like the end of life for some people. Slow internet is the most annoying things could happen with everyone. But in this article, I will show you how to fix “Why is my internet so slow”.

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The main thing to know about this article “Why is my internet so slow” is this will not provide you extra speed, but it will recover your original internet speed which your internet service provider is providing you. To fix slow internet you have to change the TCP parameters which you will learn below.

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How To Fix Why Is My Internet So Slow:

Let’s start the tutorial to fix the slow internet.  Basically, this trick is also based on CMD as most of my other tips are also. 
  1. Open CMD as administrator.
  2. Now paste or type this code:  

    netsh int tcp show global

  3. Now open notepad.
  4. Paste this code into notepad and save this as fixslow.bat.


    netsh int tcp show global
    netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
    netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
    netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp

  • Now run fixslow.bat administrator to fix the slow internet.
  • Congrats you have successfully fixed why my internet so slow. But keep in mind your internet speed will increase up to 35%. You will notice this increase in internet speed right after running the file fixslow.bat. 

      Some other tips to Why Is My Internet So Slow:

      • Try new DNS server.
      • If you are using wifi then check your wifi signals.
      • Check your hardware.
      • Remove any extension from your browser.
      • Scan your computer for viruses or malware.
      • Update your computer to fix slow intenet.
      • Install new ethernet driver.
      • Clear all data from your browser.
      • Try new modem.

      Reasons For Why Is My Internet So Slow:

      1) Viruses & Malware: The most common reason for a slow internet speed is viruses and malware. These viruses can come from any of your downloads. These viruses and malware can reduce your internet speed up to 50%. You have to keep an eye on the presence of any type of virus and malware. Install antivirus for scanning your computer and if you find any virus or malware delete them.

      2) Memory: Memory is also a big cause for making an internet connection slow especially when you are using an older computer. Always keep your memory 30-40% free.

      3) Wifi Signals/Obstructions: If you are using wireless connectivity for the internet, then check for wifi signals and remove any obstructions like walls, metal pieces, and other materials. 

      4) Software Update: You have to keep the software of your computer and other devices up to date for better and smoother experience.

      5) Browser Data: Delete all type of data like cookies, browsing history, saved passwords and download history to release memory.

      6) Reboot Modem: If you have not rebooted your modem for a long time then reboot it now to ensure the faster and reliable internet speed and connectivity.

      If you will follow all these tips then surely slow internet will be fixed. I hope you enjoy this article. Comment below if you have any queries related to why is my internet so slow. If you have another solution for slow internet then share it with me.

      Farhan khursheed

      Farhan Khursheed is a passionate blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. He loves to write about SEO, Internet tips, and tricks, and earn online. He also loves programming.

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